10 Real Estate Digital Marketing Tactics To Get Leads

Gone are the days when print media was the lead source of marketing to get customers and sales. Today, every business niche has adopted a new face of marketing powered by the internet. The digital advent of the 21st century has pushed novel ways of generating leads to conversions like content and digital marketing. Real estate is one such sector to incorporate digital marketing tactics to attract and convert prospects interested in using your services to rent, buy or sell a house or property.

Real estate statistics reveal that 44% of homebuyers searched properties online first and 83% of all home buyers use the web to look for homes. Only 1% opted for printed newspaper advertisements. There has been a remarkable surge of leads (at least 300%) from marketing real estate online via digital marketing platform. Craft stellar PowerPoint presentations with professionally crafted slide templates from sites like SlideModel, with the right SEO integration to post them digitally. 

Why use inbound digital marketing strategy to boost sales in real estate?

  • Cost-Efficiency- Cheaper than conventional advertising
  • Creative License- Sell properties with a creative flair with online advertisements
  • Brand Enhancement- Reputable presence in the real estate industry
  • Performance Evaluation- Key metrics to measure marketing success
  • Increased Exposure- Expand your target market

Is it worth the effort to learn all this new information and invest your money on the line? The answer is definitely YES!

Here are ten digital marketing tactics that you should adopt to in real estate:

Create your Website 

Real estate agents must establish an insightful personal brand through their websites. A personally-branded site offers you an arena for developing credibility, collecting leads, and providing clients with content to assist them. Build attractive landing pages, use superior-quality graphics and render it user-friendly. 

Ensure to incorporate a call-to-action button like ‘Book an appointment’, ‘Download buying catalogues’, ‘Calculate your home value.’ Assimilate presentations in it and value page loading speed, readability and ease of navigation for better mobile optimisation. 

SEO-Search Engine Optimisation 

Integrate your website, blogs, presentations and social media pop-ups with the right SEO tools to improve search engine page ranking (SERP) and foster traffic to your website. SEO Plugins and Link Building Techniques integrate high-ranking keywords as the driving force for SEO in real estate. 

Use medium-tail keywords which users will look for like ‘Homes on sale near me’ or ‘Modern home in my city’. Amalgamate the keywords in titles, sub-headers, backlinks, headers, web directories, meta titles, social media posts and meta descriptions. Build social proof through reviews and testimonials to level it up in Google Search Console. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most popular digital marketing strategies to generate leads and stay in touch with customers. Formulate an email list by capturing addresses via landing pages, forms, and pop-ups and put automated emails in place to send valuable content. 

Maintain high click-through-rate and appealing headlines that motivate the users to open their emails for your offer or newsletter. Send emails about property development, completion, new launches and discounts to allure your customers to the sales funnel. Drip emails are a powerful lead nurturer with the right content delivery. 

PPC- Pay Per Click Advertisements

Pay-Per-Click advertising is a great marketing strategy for realtors looking to generate new leads based on ads that they pay for every time the ad gets clicked on. With paid advertisements, perceiving your target audience is the key. Google search ads are indispensable to a high-performing PPC campaign.

Build a psychographic segmentation to identify your target audience based on demography, behaviour and interests and advertise accordingly. Leverage Market Segmentation Slides template from SlideModel to tailor an eye-catching presentation to impress your bosses. 

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing plays a vital role in marketing strategies for all businesses, and the real estate field is no exception to this. Choose social media applications such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter to connect, engage, and promote properties. 

Feature images, stories and videos of your listings and offer insights about your market regularly. Take a step ahead and include 360-degrees photos, videos of properties and panoramic images as well. While paid social media advertising unveils a fast track to winning leads, secure leads via social media organically. 

Content Marketing- Blogs, Videos and Presentations

Content marketing is a sure-shot way to augment brand awareness, spike the traffic of your website, build leads, and generate conversion for your real estate business. Blogs, videos and slide decks are great platforms to achieve better SEO. Integrate your content with intuitive infographics to make it more graspable.

Build a positive reputation online, relevant content which solves customer queries, actionable advice and insights about properties. Give out advice, construct PowerPoint slides with images of your property and direct attractive videos of your property. 

Conduct Virtual Tours

With the advent of AR, VR and AI, you can view a property virtually in your own space comfortably even in times of COVID lockdown and social distancing. Virtual tours are a phenomenal way to offer potential buyers a full-fledged walk-through of homes without the need of visiting the property. 

Employ high-quality DSLR cameras to capture the real footage of the properties instead of digital illustrations. Stage the tour aesthetically, render it interactive and responsive, make it 3D and user-friendly. Generate revenue 49% faster than your non-video competitors. 

Customer Engagement

The power of digital marketing tactics lie in it being crucial for customer engagement with Facebook, YouTube and Chatbots ranking high up on the list, especially for the real estate industry. Post interesting facts about the locality of your properties, celebratory occasions in it, live feeds of events and property reviews. 

Chatbots are unique and personal ways to reach out to potential customers. Integrate your websites with this AI-powered technology to communicate with your clients and keep them engaged in a conversation. Guide them to make a purchase, solve customer queries, personalise user experience and understand your customer better.

Sell In Times of COVID with Webinars 

With the global pandemic taking over, webinars have become the ultimate sources to dispense and streamline information. Realtors can host a webinar, online workshops and live tours of properties to impart knowledge to a larger target audience virtually. 

Complement your webinar with a beautiful PowerPoint presentation which can have images of your property, videos or any topic related to real-estate. To make it more memorable use templates with incredible features from SlideModel which suit your every need. Generate high-quality, inbound leads with slides and webinars today!

Focus on Pull Marketing, Not Push Marketing

Avoid pushing your content to the audience in which they’re not interested. Identify the content that your audience likes. Make your content unique and try to pull your target audience to your website. Incorporate your website and blogs with educational topics like government policies, latest rules and regulations of real estate. 

Invest your money and time in good designers, content writers and web developers to create professional content. Use Google Search Console, perform SEO audits, garner positive reviews, develop amazing blogs, presentations and videos. Write one-of-a-kind headlines and subheading for your paid campaigns and use these digital marketing ideas to get fast leads and conversions.