10 Steps to Speed Conversion and Homebuyer Satisfaction

10 Steps to Speed Conversion and Homebuyer Satisfaction

When it comes to a shifting market, we need to shift the way that we work with buyers in our attempt to move them forward faster. As I like to say, “Leads are not like fine wine, they don’t age well.” And yet, buyers may want to hang out on the sidelines and wait for rates or prices to drop.

You have to first believe in what you do, and then you must inspire your buyers to take action. If you worry that maybe they should wait, maybe prices will go down; thinking that maybe you need to be the champion that helps them get the deal of the century, you will lose deals. But more importantly, you may cost your buyers a home they love, which they will regret and potentially put blame on you or move on to a new agent.

It goes without saying that we must have integrity in how we work with our buyers. If you feel their personal situation might truly make buying now a bad decision, then you help share relevant information and ask questions to help them self-discover.

Bottom line, your personal opinions matter very little. Give them the facts and let them make the decision.

Steps to Speed Conversion and Homebuyer Satisfaction

  1. Conduct an in-depth consultation, educate and inform, and prepare for the process in person or over the phone with all parties.
  2. Guide them to set realistic expectations of both the properties they will view and market conditions.
  3. Explain the negotiation process.
  4. Ask them to share their concerns and prepare them for buyer’s remorse.
  5. Debrief after each showing. If there are few matches discuss other options.
  6. Don’t send them or show them many properties, too many choices will confuse them.
  7. Check their expectations along the way. Are they satisfied with how you are assisting them?
  8. Set realistic expectations of inspections, appraisals, and requests for repairs.
  9. Call them often and look for the moments to ask them for a referral.
  10. Thank them at the close and stay in touch with 30-, 60- and 90-day follow-up phone calls to show that you care. Then drop them into a 90-day call-back cycle and of course, opt them into your marketing web

Remember that your job as a great salesperson is to help them overcome their fear and hesitation to achieve the goals that they have set! You do need to disclose any material facts that they need to make a wise decision, but then let them make the decision.

If they ask for your opinion you might want to try my script.

“My opinion doesn’t matter, you and only you know how much the home means to you. If it wasn’t a quality property, I wouldn’t have shown it to you. Let me ask you, what is the most you are willing to pay to be certain another buyer doesn’t take your home away? If we wrote that up and there were multiple offers, would you be willing to go any higher? To do our very best to get you the home, do you want to go to that price now?”

You see, it’s up to them! Yes, they need your guidance, but they also need to decide how far they are willing to go to get the home they love.

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