14 Smart Tactics for Local Sites to Generate More Backlinks

Building a strong backlink profile is important for boosting traffic and devising an immaculate SEO profile.

Different links have different relevancy levels. Building quality links for the business, customers and associating them with quality content takes a lot of sincere efforts. If your users are happy (i.e. they are getting the quality of content), then Google Search will award you with higher rankings on its SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

You shouldn’t try to manipulate the Google Search algorithm by means of black-hat SEO or search engine optimization strategies that don’t comply or go against the Google Webmasters Guidelines. Link schemes are smacked by Google Webmaster Guidelines. Link scheme is the strategy in which links are added to manipulate the PageRank of a web resource without actually catering the right content to users.

If you want to do it from scratch, here are some powerful tips to help:

Smart Tactics for Better Link Building

  • Blog for Third-Party Sites – Content development is all about creating the right content for the right place with the right people, i.e. audience, in mind. Web resources like LinkedIn and Medium are opportune places to get your thoroughly investigated viewpoint expressed in terms of the right advice and knowledge. Quality content helps in building quality backlinks for your business.
  • Display Partner Logos – Logos are an effective way of telling something about a business without words. Showcasing partner logos on your site will encourage your partners to return the favour. The better online repute you will have, the better your clients will benefit or the other way around.
  • Guest Writing – As all the conventions related to writing for your own website or blog, guest post writing is very much similar. The only difference is that you have to follow guidelines set by the individual for whom you are writing it. Therefore, it’s important that you write about something that you have expertise on and that can be used at some other web resource resembling or matching your business vision.
  • Generate Actionable Blog Posts – Blog posts that are informative and useful are integral to the success of any online business. This helps you express yourself, as a business, to readers and visitors to your website. You can gain great backlinks by delivering the right content that readers can not only read and gain information but also let them use in their own content or at least share it with others.
  • Talk Aloud on Social Media – Talking about topics that are relevant to your business products or business vision allows viewers to understand your business better and follow it for expert advice. Instead of adding “Please like and share as much as possible,” write “Let someone know what you know now.” The more engaging is the content, the better it will be promoted on the social media.
  • Give Interviews – Many times, niche bloggers, podcasts and local news sites will agree to an interview with you. Say, yes! You will be given a shout-out in exchange for answering their questions and let users know about your business more formally.
  • Infographics & Tutorials – Tutorial is the much-needed content requirement for people and businesses over the Internet to link to or link from their content. Infographics are a powerful way of creating tutorials if you don’t want the tutorial to explain a procedure with mere words. Video content is another great option that you can venture into.
  • Issue a Press Release – For every feat you accomplish, you need to get a press release publish to your advantage.
  • Long-form Content Development is the Key – The more content you have, the more backlinks can be added to it. Moreover, with all the latest changes in the content development approach enforced by changes in the Google Search algorithm, the importance of long-form content has increased. Well-researched and good quality content has higher CTR.
  • Prepare Case Studies – Whatever you wish to write about, first find a statistical data to back you up. Adding some kind of proof that allows you to justify yourself to the reader is a great way to build engagement. When readers scroll through well-researched and referenced data, they are able to relate to it easily and effectively. The best way to do so is to find and gain data on success stories businesses as well as individuals have and then jot them down with visuals and stats.
  • Review Others – If someone emails you to review their website or business for the audience, you might not let the chance get out of your hands. It’s your chance to connect with a specific audience and make it easy for them to figure out the business vision of the one you’re reviewing. The better it will perform the more benefit you will get.
  • Shout out on Social Media – Even after Google says that its search engine algorithm doesn’t count social media presence a factor, you need to use social media for devising an apt link building. Social media not only allows you to gain traffic but also promote your products and services to a wider audience.
  • Target Q&A Sites – Q&A sites are preferred by users to gain more about things that are ambiguous over the Internet. For link building, such web resources can help to show how strong your hold is on a subject matter, in addition to allowing users to visit your website for increasing engagement with you and your business. Popular options are Quora, WordPress Forums and StackOverflow.
  • Use Gravatar – Another great way to build better backlinks is to update your Gravatar. Several websites make use of WordPress Gravatar to display users and related content. Linking your Gravatar profile to your WordPress account allows people to know when you comment or share your blogs.

 Author Bio:

Vishal Vivek entered the world of business at a very young age and excelled at it. He left his well paying job at IBM to pursue his entrepreneurial ambitions and started a startup SEO Corporation when he was just 24.