5 Amazing Quiz Ideas for Real Estate Agents and Brokers

Depending on how familiar you are with different kinds of marketing, you might or might not have heard about quizzes. Still, even if you just used the internet as any other person, chances are you came across a quiz or two.

But did you know that quizzes can be a powerful tool that can help real estate agents and brokers in many different ways?  And, they’re a fun way to connect with your database when face-to-face contact is not an option. You can get your audience’s feedback and also attach a lead form to score leads.

What’s even better is that everyone can create a quiz using a modern quiz generator.

Today we are going to share five different quiz ideas that can benefit brokers and real estate agents alike.

1.   Lead Generation Quizzes

Lead quizzes aren’t anything new. They are used in various industries by companies and individuals alike. Interactive content is the future, as more and more people respond to this type of content.

One of the most-read stories on The New York Times online is actually a quiz. Various quiz generators can be used to create lead quizzes with lead capture forms, templates, and different customizations.

There are a lot of different options you can use as a real estate agent to attract leads. One of the most common quiz ideas is the one that answers how desirable a particular home is and whether it will sell.

Such quizzes are great for attracting people who are selling their homes or are on the fence about starting the process. They allow real estate professionals to provide valuable information to potential sellers instantly.

Not only that, customers will leave their personal information, but they will see you as an authority on the subject and potentially address you for a consultation. Still, lead quizzes don’t have to revolve around selling a property.

They can also revolve around learning what people want or need. For example, you can create a quiz that helps people determine what their dream homes are. That’s how you can learn about their interests.

These are personality quizzes that allow you to give relevant recommendations to people instantly.


2.   Brand Awareness Quizzes

Many people think that quizzes can be used for lead generation only, but they are wrong.

Quizzes designed to build brand awareness need to be based around a theme that is aligned with your core values or the message of your brand.

Some of the most popular brand awareness comes as personality, knowledge, trivia, poll, or checklist quizzes.

For example, typical knowledge quizzes are graded at the end, and these grades indicate how much the person knows about that topic.

You can put your brand or your services at the center of the knowledge quiz. It allows you to see how many potential customers know about your brand or services.

However, if you’ve just started your business, it’s better to put indirect questions in your quiz.

Focus on relevant real-estate news happening in the area; price drops, market statistics or something else that you can link with your brand and services.

The general idea is to test someone’s knowledge while passively inserting elements of your brand. That way, they’ll remember your business, and you’ll be able to build awareness.

3.   Shareable Quizzes

These quizzes can be used for various purposes. They can also be used to build awareness, drive traffic to your site, lead generation, and much more. The primary purpose of these quizzes is to make participants share them.

The main motivation behind someone sharing a quiz should be the results of the quiz. They need to be something that a person would like to share on social media with their friends.

For example, you can test their knowledge of the real estate market. Still, it’s important to be honest and realistic. Don’t give people grade results unless they really deserve them.

People will share results if they are surprised by the results, no matter if they are good or bad. On top of that, you can do personality tests where your quiz can generate the image of their dream home.

In this situation, those amazing images will bring you even better results and make results shareable. The images can be real homes located in the area and allow participants to see that property.

In the end, make sure to add a call to action at the end of the quiz. It could be a link to your site, social media, share buttons, or direct link to a property listing.

4.   Educational Quizzes

These quizzes are similar to knowledge quizzes, but instead of giving the grade at the end, users get feedback after each question.

For example, if the questions are “What affects the real estate prices in your area?” and the user doesn’t get the right answer, the quiz will give the accurate answer and give more insight into why this is true.

At the same time, you can design these quizzes to give several tries to users. Each question can have multiple attempts, depending on their difficulty.

That’s how people taking the quiz will feel that they are learning more about a subject and getting better at it.

Even when they get a wrong answer, you can add an info slide that can give them valuable information to figure out the right solution.

5.   What Will Happen Next Quiz

This is probably one of the best types of quizzes for brokers and realtors. It gives you the option to use your knowledge to build a quiz and demonstrate to people taking it how little they know about real estate.

You can be specific about a particular market, test quiz-takers’ knowledge about real estate in general, or describe a situation in which they are buying a house. Each step requires users to predict what will happen next.

You can use this to test how ready the quiz-takers are to buy or sell a property, whether they need an agent, how they can prepare better, and so on.

You can also create a quiz with a branching scenario. The end of the quiz can have several different outcomes. Based on their predictions, the players can be graded at the end.

Not only that, these types of quizzes are enjoyable for users, but you can get valuable information about how your potential clients think and what they lack.


These are some of the best types of quizzes you can use as a realtor to advertise your business and your services.

Make sure to use a quiz generator to help you create a quiz easily and make several types of quizzes to boost your business.

Over a longer period, these quizzes can bring you a lot of new customers and help you maintain your business. Don’t neglect quiz marketing, as interactive content is still relevant.

Author Bio: 

Angela White is an ed-tech enthusiast with a passion for writing for the consumer market in the areas of product research and marketing using quizzes and surveys. Having a knack for writing and an editorial mindset, she is an expert researcher at a brand that’s known for creating delightfully smart tools such as ProProfs Quiz Maker.