5 Apps to Boost Your Work Productivity

As a real estate professional, it’s likely your calendar looks like one solid brick of showings from Monday morning to Sunday. You need tools to keep yourself on top of things. Here are five of my favorite apps to help super busy real estate professionals boost their efficiency at work.

Real-time headlines is great for keeping yourself abreast of breaking news, but oftentimes, you’ll come across a meatier article you’re interested in reading in its entirety. Pocket lets you save those pieces for later, so you can fully dig in when you have a (rare) free moment.

Enter Asana, which has workflow and project management features catered to different company disciplines — design, marketing, sales, engineering, and finance, to name a few.

Key to productivity is knowing when you’re most on top of your game — and then doubling down on work at that time (read more about how to improve your productivity here). MoodNotes helps you keep track of your moods and thinking habits so you can optimize your time.

Social media can be dizzying. Hootsuite helps reign it all in. The tool makes it easy to scan comments and engagements across all of your social channels in real time. It’s especially useful if you have a big product launch and want to see how social’s reacting while you’re in a meeting. That way if you see anything that raises a flag (either positive or negative), you can quickly ping (via Slack!) your social media manager.

Conferencing can be a pain, especially when you’re traveling or working remote. Zoom.us takes out the friction by offering easy video conferencing solutions from both desktop and mobile. The app also allows you to create collaborative whiteboards, send group texts, and share images and audio files all from within the meeting interface.

Take a look at your workday. If you’re guilty of any of the above, working to correct the issue will do wonders for your output (and overall happiness)!


Alain Kapatashungu, frontdoorAuthor Bio:  Alain Kapatashungu is co-founder & CEO Frontdoor, a service that uses AI to help real estate professionals understand, engage and prioritize leads based on their likelihood to close—wherever they are!