5 Essential Elements For a Successful Community Page

Build a Successful Community Page

Many brokerages provide community pages on their websites for visitors to access very detailed information regarding a specific region, city or neighborhood.

There are several benefits to having community pages on your website that will not only build trust with visitors, but also position your brokerage as an expert in a particular geographic area.

There are specific elements that should always be included on every community page to help visitors get the most out of their experience and maximize your website visibility.

Unique Media

One way to establish your brokerage as a thought leader in the community is to have one-of-a-kind, high-quality photography and videos. The media should capture the community in a way that makes potential residents excited to relocate.

This means capturing community hot spots and creating interesting visuals on your community pages. Creating unique photography and video doesn’t have to cost a fortune in production. Video editing and photography can be done in a timely manner and create long-lasting value for your community pages.

Helpful Resources

A community page that provides answers and detailed knowledge will position your brokerage as a thought leader. The information should be for both homebuyers and sellers. For sellers, provide information about how they can create interest when putting their home on the market.

Information such as community history, home prices, population, what to expect, amenities and local attractions are great pieces of value that can be added to a community page. Linking to these resources from the community page helps visitors quickly find more information on those resources.

Hyper-Local Content

Another way to drive targeted traffic to your community pages is to create hyper-local content. Publishing the content via your blog or on social media channels will instantly provide value to people who want to discover or learn more about a community.

Hyper-local content can also be featured on specific community pages to act as a resource for visitors. Content such as restaurant reviews or highlighting a small, mom-and-pop shop will give visitors content they can’t find elsewhere. 


Community pages create an opportunity to display extremely specific data to a targeted group of people who have a common interest in a particular region.

One of the best ways to capitalize on your IDX tools and features is to implement different search fields, lead generation, mapping tools and more. Keep a feed of featured properties for your region that constantly updates and displays the latest properties.


If you want to go the premium route, there are solutions such as LiveBy, which acts as a feed for local content. LiveBy allows you to copy and paste code that you can populate on your community page. It then feeds different content, such as market trends, demographics, schools and more.

Additionally, it allows you to display restaurants, shopping and other local attractions by pulling in Yelp review widgets, which make as an invaluable content resource for visitors.

Lastly, widgets such as testimonials, walk score, lead forms and social sharing buttons can be extremely valuable to your visitors. Most of these widgets can be added through a simple snippet of embeddable code.