5 Ways to Avoid Stress in the Real Estate Sale Process

The real estate market is continually changing, which significantly complicates the sale process. Selling real estate is always a complicated process, often giving a lot of stress. In this article, we’ll share tips to help you cope with the process as quickly as possible and deal with stress.

Given today’s real estate market’s dynamism and broad opportunities, understanding how to sell a home without stress and avoid mistakes remains exceptionally relevant. 

Do you want to know what factors influence real estate sales and how to speed up this process?  How to deal with stress during the selling and avoid bad ways to deal with stress? We will share the most useful tips to help sellers in these difficult situations and tell you how to avoid mistakes and deal stress during selling.

Make sure that potential buyers know about the existence of your object

A huge mistake of selling real estate is the absolute inability to convey information to potentially interested parties. To get a fair amount for an object, you need to get a large number of proposals. To do this, you must have a marketing strategy. Many houses were sold for cheaper than they could have been sold because they were not advertised and promoted enough! Remember that there are three channels for finding buyers:

  • direct advertising (newspapers, websites, social networks, etc.),
  • personal activity (according to experts, the best buyer often lives in a neighboring house or even a nearby entrance),
  • other brokers (whom your agent recruits to work for an appropriate remuneration from the amount of commission).

Listen to your broker

For most people, buying a home is the biggest financial transaction in life. Unsurprisingly, they are nervous and cautious and deal stress is not too good. And if the seller doesn’t want to make concessions, it may complicate the whole process. We recommend not interfering with the agent doing his job.

Of course, the market is different, and we do not know what kinds of specialists are encountered on the way to your region’s real estate sellers. But this is another reason to think about exactly how you will look for a broker for yourself and what criteria you will choose.

Avoid doing everything in a hurry

A home is not a trifle, and selling it takes a little longer. Do not expect that you will be able to sell it for the desired amount within a couple of days after placing your ad. If you approach the matter with sense and arrangement, then absolutely any apartment can be sold, but this is a long business. Even taking good photos or videos takes time, as you have to wait for clear, sunny weather. And you also need to prepare high-quality advertising and think over a promotion to make it as effective as possible, using all resources to deal with stress.

Set the correct price

When potential buyers monitor the real estate market for at least a couple of months, they begin to understand prices well. And if you put your property up for sale as overpriced, they will immediately understand it. People who are interested in buying a suitable property at a fair price carefully study the market. They look at a vast number of offers. And if your price is too high, they won’t even consider buying it.

What does this mean? If your broker insists on lowering the price, you need to listen to him. But only if he provides you with comparative marketing analysis, clearly demonstrating that with similar options at a higher cost, your property has no chance in the real estate market. 

Hide your stuff before showing the apartment

Experts in the pre-sale preparation tell that before inviting potential buyers to view an apartment, you need to clean thoroughly, which goes without saying, and hide things that can be considered too personal. You need to take family photos from the walls, a shopping list from the refrigerator, and hide everything. Of course, we are not talking about the fact that the apartment should be empty and impersonal. It’s just that the buyers should be able to imagine themselves living here. It is a psychological moment that shouldn’t be forgotten.

Follow modern advertising and marketing methods

Traditional newspaper ads still exist and work even now, when everyone is using specialized sites with the ability to post ads. But there are many other ways to tell potential buyers what you are selling. For example, write about it on social networks or, if you are brave enough, offer everyone a virtual tour of your apartment. You can also try:

  • “Test drive” (living for several days)
  • Filming with a drone
  • Providing a house as a platform for public events

Try some natural ways to deal stress

Surprisingly, you can make it harder to sell your property by being stressed and depressed. Scientists argue that the first impression of a property owner plays a significant role. Therefore, you should reconsider your attitude to the situation and external circumstances, regulate your emotional state, and find positive ways to deal with stress. We do not advise you to use negative ways to deal with stress.

Get a good night’s sleep, try breathing practices and meditation, try some light self-medicating to deal with stress, and learn how to deal with stress at work and at home. You will see that by improving your emotional background and developing a positive attitude towards the problem, you will be able to go through the process of selling real estate much more comfortably.


Thinking about selling a property without stress, you need to approach each stage with full responsibility and determine your actions several steps ahead. From all that has been described, it is clear how complex the process is. Make it easier by following our simple instructions, and you can reach your goal with no worries. A professional approach will allow you to quickly and confidently move towards your goal and achieve the desired result. We wish you the best in selling your property!

Ellen Orton, has been interested in psychological relationships for a long time, often attends seminars and training, and practices the acquired knowledge in classes with problem couples. In her free time, she spends time with her family, enjoys modern painting, photographs of people and nature, and also enjoys making various desserts and pastries.