5 Ways to Nurture Real Estate Leads With Email Marketing

Real estate is one of the massive industries in the world which faces competition at the next level. For real estate agents, it takes months to find an ideal customer. In order to nurture and convert a lead into a potential buyer, it is essential for real estate agents to indulge in impactful email marketing campaigns.

The growth and brand building that email marketing provides is known by almost every industry. It has been beneficial to B2B as well as B2C companies. To uplift your brand position in the market, email marketing can be effective. A study reveals that email marketing is the new age support for the real estate industry.

About 93 percent of Realtors choose to communicate with the clients through email, and approximately 94 percent of them use email as a mode of communication daily. This claims the growing trend of email marketing, making way for the progressive future of the real estate industry. We have listed five fabulous ways that can help in nurturing real estate leads with email marketing campaigns.


Educate Your Audience

The very thing, to begin with, is creating awareness or educating your audience. Yes, we all like to be more informed of the things we are likely to invest it. Therefore, add value to the customer experience by giving away additional knowledge. This establishes trust in your clients without putting much effort.

Generally, an average agent sends emails that are sales-centric and only communicate the recent project launches. However, you must use a customer-oriented approach by imparting information that improves email engagement. You can do so in different ways, such as:

  • Blog Posts
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Flyers
  • Free Guides
  • E-books

If you are entering as a newcomer in the real estate market, then begin with a unique, educational, informative, and engaging approach. Additionally, you can also share testimonials or reviews to build brand goodwill. These small methods can add huge significance to your audience without you being aware of it.

Be Consistently Available

The most common mistake made by many realtors is they sometimes overload the subscribers with too many emails, and sometimes they are absent completely. This email infrequency is not called for. Once you begin sending consistent emails (neither too little nor too many), your audience will wait for your next email. This nurtures your relationship with prospects. At times, it can get tricky to understand what the client wants. They may get annoyed with the inbox loaded with emails. At the same time, they may forget about you if you miss the chance to send the email at the right time. You can do the following to be consistently available:


  • Aim to send emails weekly or alternate weeks
  • Set a day (prefer Tuesday or Wednesday) to send emails
  • Ensure to keep each email different from the previous one
  • Don’t focus on sales; focus on Engagement! 

If you miss out on months for sending an email, you are likely to be forgotten. About 63 percent of email marketing campaigns receive positive client engagement in the real estate industry. Therefore, finding a proportion is the right choice to count your campaign fruitful.

 Always Segment Email List

Segmentation is the basic rule for email marketing. Splitting email list on the basis of groups of a similar audience makes it convenient for marketers to send emails. A nicely designed email campaign can build the dynamics of your real estate business. Each prospect is different and needs separate treatment—marketers who try to fit all in the same campaign end up witnessing flat responses.


A new prospect expects different emails (probably a welcome mail or introductory mail), whereas an existing client expects a different email (occasional offers, new schemes, and more). You can tag names in the email list based on the categories like the demographic location of the recipients, budgets, or simply on their position in the funnel.

On the basis of these elements, you can create separate email lists:

  • Potential Buyers Email List
  • Potential Prospects Email List
  • Past or Closed Clients Email List 

As you get more comfortable with the segmentation, you can classify the email list on more peculiar grounds like:

  • Move-up Buyers Email List
  • First-time Buyers Email List
  • Free Home valuation Leads Email List 

As a result, email list segmentation sorts the audience category and specifies the aim you need to approach the clients.


Build a Bond with Clients

Send personalized emails to each client as that maximizes the open rate for your campaign.

Do not send emails that are generic in approach. Write emails that intends to address the client directly and not a bunch of leads. Your email should contain a personal tone that shows concern. Keeping it too professional may sound sale-centric and not relationship-oriented. Emails are a great source to build relationships with clients. Email marketing has unimaginable ways of benefitting your business; therefore, use it wisely. Some steps to personalize your email campaign are as follows:

·      Use a catchy subject line that intrigues the client
·      Include the first name in the email
·      Do not merely talk sales
·      Drop occasional greeting emails (festivals, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.)
·      Include concerns for the welfare of the community
·      Include emails that talk about the environmental contribution you made to better the projects

A great email marketing campaign can back a good product. To do so, design emails that are simple, easy to understand, and customer-centric. You will indeed nurture your bond with leads.

Offer Instant Support

Customers seek help and expect quick redressal to their concern. In reality, customers read emails that concern them and address their issues more frequently. If a realtor does not solve the query, the emails are no less than junk mail for the recipient. You must incorporate a call to action to emails where it is easy for them to request for solutions. Real estate investment is generally huge, and clients need constant support throughout the process. To make the email marketing campaign effective, provide after purchase support to your customers. It

would be best if you guide your clients to maximize customer relationships and engagement.


If you consistently offer assistance, relevant content in your emails, educate the audience, and, most importantly, add value to them, you are likely to nurture your leads better than any. The real estate industry has seen a positive response of the audience when approached through email marketing. To expand your market and sales, email marketing is the best choice for realtors. By using different methods and advancements (automation) of email marketing, you can improve customer experience. With the ways mentioned above, you can indeed nurture your relationship with the leads and convert them into potential clients in no time.

Emily JohnsonEmily Johnson is a marketing consultant with 10 years of experience in the execution of marketing strategies. Currently, she heads the marketing department at Blue Mail Media, a renowned B2B data solution company based out of Austin, Texas. Connect with her on Twitter.