6 Smart Technology Features Homebuyers are Looking for in 2019

6 Smart Technology Features Homebuyers are Looking for in 2019

It used to be if your first home had great curb and appeal, was updated and clean, and was staged nicely, a sale could quickly follow. If you had a solid HVAC system and a nice range and refrigerator, that’s all the tech people usually cared about. That’s definitely not the case anymore, however, because today potential buyers want a smart techology with smart features.

Here are six ways you can get them what they want:


First, replace as many incandescent and fluorescent bulbs and fixtures as you can. These burn out quickly and cost more to operate than newer LED lighting. Some LED fixtures are built to last over 30 years and don’t even contain a traditional bulb. In combination with LEDs, install a smart technology system that will allow users to control light intensity and hues while they can power the system on or off from their smart device.


Yes, that was the doorbell that just spoke to you. Smart entry systems can include doorbells with cameras so that you can see who has come to visit, and you can view this remotely even thousands of miles away. The funny older OnStar commercial where a guy was able to lock his car remotely but was helpless when he realized that he had left his apartment windows open was spot on then, but totally wrong now, because a smart security app can easily warn if windows, for example, have not been shut.


Remember how excited your parents were when they installed a sprinkler system that could be mechanically set to turn off and on twice a day? Too bad the device couldn’t tell when it was raining outside as the grass was unnecessarily watered during a thunderstorm. New smart garden apps can avoid these issues.


The smart thermostat started it all, and it is still the king of smart home systems. Potential home buyers want to be able to control their unit’s interior environment from their smart technology devices. It’s not enough to be able to set the temperature at a predetermined point for certain times of day. Homeowners want to be able to save energy dollars while at work, but they also want the capability to change thermostat settings while on their way home and they can do this with a smart HVAC system.


Hazard Detection

If you have a gas furnace, a malfunction could allow tasteless, colorless, odorless and deadly carbon monoxide gas to build up in your home. This is one thing you definitely want to know about before you come home from work, and an app that integrates with your CO monitor is the answer here.

Smart Outlets

Finally, a non-elaborate and inexpensive way to solve the problem of the left on stove burner is the installation of even a single smart outlet that can be controlled from your smart device. The days of worrying that a major appliance was left on can be gone with a simple check of your smartphone. And don’t forget, even if you’re living in a small, affordable town like Athens, Georgia or Bloomington, Indiana, you can still implement this smart tech feature. You don’t have to be a big city person to take advantage of smart home and apartment technology.

In life, consumers love convenience, right? From laundry services that will fold your clothes to smart technology that makes your life extremely simple to navigate, we’re all looking for that next quick fix. So, get your home technologically ready for a sale before you even contact a real estate professional, and you’ll be on the road to a quicker sale at a higher price.

Note: Sam Radbil is the lead writer for ABODO Apartments, an online real estate and apartments marketplace with available apartments from small cities like Springfield, Missouri to major metro areas like Los Angeles, California. ABODO’s research and writing has been featured nationally in HuffPo, Forbes, Washington Post and more.