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6 strategies for mastering social media

Create a social media strategy that focuses on results and consistency.

In today’s market, buyers and sellers are increasingly heading to social media to learn more about their real estate options. It has never been more important for real estate agents to create a social media presence. Here are six strategies for mastering social media.

Creating a social strategy involves more than signing up for an account and posting your contact information. By using the latest social media tools available, you can find and connect with prospective clients, help them buy or sell their home, and close deals.

With so many social media platforms popping up, it can be overwhelming to know where you should go or what to do. Here are six real estate social media marketing tips to help you get started.

Find the right place to be

Location, location, location. The mantra doesn’t just apply to homes on the market. When it comes to social media, it’s important to pick the right channel that will help you amplify your message to the clients you are seeking.

Right now, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are your best bets for finding prospective clients. All three platforms allow you to create a page that advertises your brand and what makes you special. They also have built-in marketplaces and advertising potential.

Most importantly, these three channels are where most of your prospective clients are hanging out. While Gen Zers make dance and reaction videos on TikTok, other generations are more active on Facebook and Instagram.

And as a platform to connect professionals, LinkedIn offers prime real estate for realtors. Connect with local businesses with growing workforces and offer up your services. New employees who are moving across the country to take a job will be particularly grateful to have a referral for a real estate agent.

Content is king

The content people share on their profiles and news feeds makes up the lifeblood of social media. By sharing photos, links, and information that will appeal to your target audience, you can build instant connections with fellow social media users.

So what kind of content should you be sharing? For a start, post photos and videos of new houses that are going on the market or ones that have recently sold. With more and more people looking for homes online, high-quality media will set your content apart from the rest.

Think outside the box. Was your community just named one of the best places for hikers? Do you work with a well-known brokerage? Post about it on your page.

Stay on message

Before you post anything, ask yourself if the content is relevant to your brand and services. Social media algorithms tend to reward content creators who provide reliable, relevant information. The more the algorithm features you in your audience’s news feeds, the better for your business.

Include information that will make you stand apart from other agents.

Keep your tone positive

Whether you’re posting a photo of a new home or you’re sharing what makes your community a great place to live, keep your content positive. Buying and selling a home is one of the most stressful experiences a person goes through. By presenting a positive and uplifting message from the start, you can instantly set your future client at ease.

Start a conversation

Social media isn’t just about sharing information. Connect with prospective clients by starting conversations with them on the platform.

Have you noticed someone “liking” your content? Invite them to follow your page. Did someone post a comment on your latest photo? Respond to them in a timely manner. Ask them open-ended questions that will keep the conversation going. Even if this person doesn’t become a client today, they may refer you to friends who are in the market.

One word of caution: Avoid engaging with trolls. Social media has created plenty of opportunities for communication worldwide, but it has also created spaces for troublemakers to gather. Keep your page positive by deleting false or rude comments and blocking problematic users. You can set the tone by posting some rules of engagement, such as asking followers to use positive language, avoid making harmful statements, and so on.

Join a reputable referral service

Whether you’re a natural salesperson on social media or still honing your skills, real estate agents don’t have to wait for clients to come to them. By working with a reputable referral service, you can build your client base without having to wait or spend a bunch of cash on ads.

A referral service connects agents with interested buyers and sellers in exchange for a referral fee. By working with a referral service, you can increase the volume of your business while establishing your brand in your market.