7 Must-Do Twitter Marketing Tactics for Real Estate Agents

Want to expand your business and reach new potential customers? Try Twitter! We’ve got marketing tips for real estate agents.

According to the National Association of the Realtors, today almost 47% of the real estate businesses agree that the social media channels resulted in highest quality leads as compared to other channels. Furthermore, almost 77% of Realtors leverage social media to connect with millenials that contributes to the vast success of the real estate market. 

Since its inception, Twitter has been serving the global audience in an effective way. It’s no surprise that the more followers on Twitter, the more value they will bring to your real estate business. So, what does it take to increase the followers? Nothing! You only need a few tips and tricks, and you are all set to go. Here are 7 ways to market yourself on Twitter.

#1. Engage With Influencers

Influencers are the people present on the social channels that already have a vast number of followers. Now, having more number of followers indicates that whatever they post on their Twitter handle, is read by a large user base.

If you connect with the right kind of influencers, then it may impact your business growth, ofcourse in a positive way. For that, you can share their content on your Twitter wall, and can even mention them in their blogs that you are sharing on your wall. By doing so, you will be automatically visible in their wall, and all their users will see your post. All that results in more popularity and eventually increased followers.   

#2. Promote Your Brand

Claiming your brand and promoting it is also a significant aspect that needs to be addressed while aiming to increase your Twitter followers. Meaning, you need to stay consistent with your brand. Remember, you need to create your offline real estate business more popular and so should stick to your offline theme.

For instance, you should use the same brand logo, and should adopt the same color theme throughout. You need to offer the users a blend of your traditional and online business, while keeping your sales and business at top. You can even include a profile picture that best describes you and your business. That’s how the popular software engineering firm Matellio does! It sticks to its niche and engages the users with the content specific to its business and core values.     

#3. Leverage Twitter Tools

In today’s digital world, we have tools and software applications for almost all the aspects of our lives. At Least that’s what the case of Twitter is. At present, the global market has some amazing tools that you can leverage to respond, engage, and interact with your followers. 

Here are some of the most amazing Twitter tools that can be beneficial for the realtors like you.

  • Sprout Social: It is a popular social media management tool specifically designed for businesses to find new customers and to help them enhance their online presence. 
  • Buffer: It analyzes the best possible time to post on Twitter and automatically schedule your posts on that best time. 
  • Social Oomph: A powerful tool that schedules tweets, tracks your business-specific keywords, and engages new followers.
  • TweetLevel: It effectively monitors and analyzes your influence over social media as compared to your competitors.  

#4. Invest in Engaging Content

Investing in an engaging content has always been the topmost tip to not only attract new followers but also to engage the existing ones. A good quality content is the key to enhance your online presence on Twitter, Facebook, Insta, and over all the other social channels.

For that, you need to post visual-rich content, like high-quality images, videos, infographics, and much more. Even an engaging content with some real-estate specific keywords could also help you to attain more followers. You can share your blogs, or can also tell people about the services you offer. Even your achievements could do the work. All in all, experiment with different contents and find out what best suits you.   

#5. Set Your Goals

Establishing your goals is the most important aspect that you need to take care of before initiating your Twitter marketing. You need to ensure who your target users are, viz., buyers, sellers, or top recruiters and investors of your domains. 

We’ve listed a set of questions that you can ask yourself before starting your Twitter marketing campaign. 

  • Who to target?
  • What issue does your target audience have? (in your case the housing problems)
  • How can you solve those issues?
  • What unique content can you share to stand out from your competitors and to improve your online presence?
  • Will you manage social media all by yourself, or will you outsource an agency?
  • What end results are you expecting, and how long will it take to reach there?

Once you get answers to all those questions, you will definitely be able to frame a perfect Twitter marketing strategy. 

#6. Monitor Your Progress

There is no aspect of tweeting once or twice everyday only to find that nobody except a few were listening to that. So, what we meant is, you need to regularly monitor your tweets and should track its performance over a specific time. That can include your engagement rate, your reach, and the likes and comments your tweet got. 

Furthermore, as discussed earlier, there are also lots of tools that can possibly help you to track the right metrics of your Twitter marketing campaign. For instance tools like SocialBro, and Tweriod can help you analyze your tweets and can even provide you the best time to tweet to increase the reach of your tweets. Once, all this is accomplished, you can schedule your tweets accordingly.      

#7. Give a Personal Touch

Last but not least, a crucial tip that will definitely help you to grow your Twitter followers is by giving them a personal touch. Meaning, try to answer all the messages and queries of your followers by yourself. You can even hire a dedicated person fopr that.

All in all, the main aim is to eliminate the involvement of AI tools and chatbots that makes the answering process automated. Although, there is no loss in automating the answering process, there are times where many followers have problems that can only be better answered by a human. That’s where you can leverage the opportunity by answering all the queries of your followers by yourself and thus giving them the personal attention they always want. 


So that ends our top tips to help you increase your Twitter followers. Now remember, besides all these tips, there are certainly more that could help you to increase your followers or in engaging your existing followers. Adding a Twitter badge to your site, writing excellent Twitter bio, investing in visual content, etc. are some of the tips that could also help you in enhancing your online presence. All in all, whatever you follow, try to engage your users with amazing content and give them a complete view of your services. 

Author Bio: 
Apoorv Gehlot takes a keen interest in exploring various aspects of the digital realm, and ideate solutions with his team of innovators. He believes in sharing his experience and knowledge with readers across the world to enlighten the audience through concise and meaningful write-ups.