Agents as influencers: How Instagram is shaping real estate marketing

Today, technology has enabled social media platforms like Instagram to change the way we perceive marketing. From instant exploration to purchases, it poses no limit and introduces easy access to marketing giants such as real estate. This slowly eradicates the days when buyers visited sites and used apps for viewing listings.

All the required information is now being fed directly via Instagram feeds leading to a rise in stakes and next-level content creation from marketers. An online marketing study reveals 63% of millennials place much of their trust in the opinion of Instagram influencers on brands as opposed to brand advertising. This, of course, reveals how influencers are now shaping the course of modern real estate marketing.

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But who are these influencers? Simply put, an influencer means someone with a large social media following, such as on Facebook or Instagram. In the world of social media, influencers are known to capitalize on niche audiences for product and service promotion be it music, fashion, environmental campaigns, and even real estate. Through influencers, the real estate market goes through a type of upgrade, drawing in a variety of customers including those who are not on the market for a house.

The Rise and Success Story

Prime Properties’ very own Sanjay Narula has largely benefitted from the influencer trend on Instagram. As Narula sells not only real estate but dabbles with blogging on social media, his Instagram posts were found to hit the right spots. What catapult his property selling business was his Instagram ads.

The paid ads featured the advantages of buying his properties, thus, skyrocketing Narula’s real estate business within a short amount of time. Initially opening the Instagram account to promote his real estate listings, he soon found an uptick in Responses.

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As Narula is appreciative of data and statistics provided by social media, he explains how a post can lead to a greater conversion rate too. He uses the value of 3D renderings and virtual stagings to gain eye-time and in the process, creates a tight-knit community that promotes both his business and lifestyle.

Putting Out Video Content

A trending feature of online real estate marketing is sharing video content of a property. This includes 3D walkthroughs and virtual tours that ensure a more palatable experience to a large audience. Patty Brown from Ulrich Estates shares an unexpected offer she had received on a listing through Instagram. Brown’s Instagram video tour that showcased the landscapes, decks and the swimming pools had attracted the attention of a close friend who wasn’t looking for a house.

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While no deal was made on her end, it resulted in another colleague of the friend who saw the video and eventually signed up on a deal for the property. Tania Isacoff Friedland, a Warburg Realty agent comments on how video content is thought to be a better way of engaging with people as compared to standard images. As photography dominates on social media, a video stands out more since it attaches a certain element of realness to the content. Besides, it enables agents with an opportunity to educate followers on what is valued and noticed in properties.

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A lot of influencers speak out on the greater impact made by 3D walkthroughs when compared to 3D renderings. One of the prime reasons is how it depicts the right sense and feel of spatial flow. 3D renderings can be very professional and standard but 3D walkthrough and tours provide a far greater experience that quickly catches attention differently.

Social Media Boosting For Sales Boost! 

The work of this increasing practice is not left to the agents alone. Tools like Adfenix are employed by brokerages to boost Instagram posts that can attract more customers and buyers. What makes this tool interesting is how its target is not based on demographics. Rather, it uses website visitor and behavioral data for initiating the target, resulting in a more successful sale.

Providing a Visual Satisfaction 

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Cindy Rich is a San Mateo photographer that deals with real estate agents for creating online listings as well as social media content. She runs a blog and an Instagram account. Rich utilizes her account to post pictures of properties. This way, she increases the sales for her real estate clients. Sera Alper, a photographer from LA explains how having your listing on a real estate website is not enough. By not being on Instagram, you miss out on plenty of opportunities while losing business to competitors.

Images offer a lot of help, but as Alper claims, it is just a single layer of marketing and how one distributes the images stands to be equally important as securing the image. Alper usually recommends her clients to use ad agencies that specialize in such real estate marketing that can weave out a content that narrates the story of the properties.

Instagram has helped expand the online presence of real estate but it has also altered the expectations of buyers and sellers. This means a few standard shoots won’t cut it anymore. Yes, quality pictures and videos do help but using the right Instagram account is just as important to help your business get noticed.

By a way of engaged and enhanced storytelling, you can create a long-lasting sensation around your real estate identity. The goal is to remain popular among social circles and social media influencers can reach out to the right audience to create this connection needed to help sell your property.