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Agents: Leave behind these outdated marketing practices

5 marketing practices to leave behind in the new year; and 5 new strategies to begin

As you’re committing to that long list of New Year’s Resolutions, here are some things to consider along with your new workout schedule, healthy diet, and consistent self-care routine. These five changes will make a big difference in your business!

Leave it: Your old headshot

Be honest. How old is that photo you’re currently using to market yourself and your amazing Real Estate services? Does it really look like you in 2022?

Replace it with: A lifestyle photo

A lifestyle photo set that tells the story of who you are, what you do, and where you do it. Invest in yourself by hiring a good photographer who knows not only how to inspire and capture a genuine smile, but is also a genius with photoshop…so even if a hair is out of place or the background isn’t perfect, you’ll love using your new shots. Ask for sizes, resolutions and crops for instagram, your facebook profile photo, and printed collateral, as well as your bio page or website.

Leave it: Your face on all the things

You might love your new photos, but please don’t put them on everything. Today’s most impactful and professional business cards are streamlined and only have the information needed to get in touch with you, and the paper stock you choose is probably more important than the content when it comes to people being impressed and actually holding on to them. Ditto on your yard signage, bus benches and banners…plastering your cute mug on everything is tempting, but let’s level up and get rid of this tired and clichéd habit.

Replace it with: Personal branding

Look for branding that complements — but doesn’t compete — with your brokerage’s mark. Think about how you can communicate and convey your strengths and differences. A tag line, hashtag or signature logo can be much more memorable when done right, and it’s much harder and less fun to paint a mustache (or something worse) all over it!

Leave It: Bragalicious Posts

Be careful about the messages you’re sending when you post about your business – it can really backfire when you boast about how many sales you’ve had (folks might think you’re too busy for them), how much above list price you are under contract for (did you really know how to price it right in the first place?) or those sales awards accompanied by crystal trophies and black-tie events (geez, how much money do you make, anyway?!)

Replace it with: Posts that celebrate your clients and their accomplishments.

Did your seller make all the right upgrades to result in multiple offers? Did your first-time homebuyer client finally win after bidding on several homes? Did your investor time the market just right with a super-smart strategy? All of these folks are worth bragging about — how lucky and grateful are YOU to get to be the one to help them?!

Leave it: Spraying with Mailers

Farming with postcards is a practice as old as the postal service, but sending hundreds or even thousands of third-class postcards every month can be a real waste of time, money and paper.

Replace it with: A well-thought out and intentional neighborhood nurturing strategy.

With so much big data available, you can really target your ideal clients. This might be owner-occupying residents who have lived in their home for at least seven years, have at least $100,000 worth of equity, and who are likely to move in the next two-three years. Or, it might be renters whose lease will be up in the next six months and who earn at least $65,000/year. Once you narrow this down, you can then craft messaging and a call-to-action that will result in actual reach-outs and relationships, and you can also avoid sending to addresses who aren’t likely to benefit from the messaging.

Leave it: Spontaneous Spends

OK, one more time for the people in the back. Be honest…do you know how much you spent on marketing in 2021? Did you have a budget and stick to it? Or did you whip out your business credit card every time something bright + shiny popped up with the promise to sell properties for you?

Replace it with: A plan

Analyze the ROI on every single spend from the last 12 months. Which ones led to satisfying transactions with people you loved working with? Did your pop-bys generate gratitude and referrals? Did your open house treats turn into a bigger database? Did that new CRM/Zip Code/CMA Tool/Lead Gen Product help your business grow or just waste your time and money? 

If you don’t do anything else this year, do this: Create a plan and follow it.

Happy New Year, fellow real estate pros! Wishing you wonderful tech stacks, bottomless new inventory and amazingly smooth transactions in 2022!