Baldwin County Association of Realtors First to Offer Health Plan

Realtor Association Becomes First In the Nation to Offer a Health Plan

The Baldwin County Association of Realtors will offer group health, dental and vision insurance to its 2,300 members.

What was thought to be impossible is now possible at the Baldwin REALTORS® in Robertsdale: group health insurance is now a benefit offered through association membership.


Baldwin REALTORS® is the second trade association in the state and the first REALTOR® association in the nation to offer this long-awaited benefit to its members.

“Being able to offer to offer health, dental, and vision insurance to our membership is one of the most defying accomplishments of my career,” said Sheila Dodson, CEO of Baldwin REALTORS®. “Knowing that independent contractors are not able to provide for their families or themselves in this vital way has always been a difficult problem for the REALTOR® industry. It is great to partner with Blue Cross and Blue Shield to offer premium coverage for our members, affiliates, and their staffs.”

On June 21 of this year, the US Department of Labor issued a new rule, opening the door for small employers and self-employed individuals, including real estate professionals, to participate in Association Health Plans (AHPs).

AHPs are “large group” plans that tend to offer better coverage options at a lower cost than the “individual” and “small group” insurance markets. Currently, many NAR members typically purchase their health coverage in the individual or small group markets, which tend to have higher costs and limited options.

“A tremendous amount of care and diligence by Baldwin REALTORS® Leadership has made it possible to provide a premium and comprehensive health care plan to our members through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama,” said Kandy Hines, 2019 Baldwin REALTORS® President. “This never-before opportunity affords tremendous savings for so many of our members and their families. This is an exciting time and a monumental milestone for the Baldwin REALTORS® association.”

This is a unique opportunity for Baldwin REALTORS® to give back to its membership.

“Providing group health insurance benefits is going to be life changing for many of our members and their families,” said Troy Wilson, 2018 Baldwin REALTORS® President. “For many, this is the beginning to having health insurance with affordable premiums and enhanced coverage that financially was not an option for them before.

“This type of benefit, when utilized, can deliver value daily that is impossible to fully quantify. I’m am very proud to be a part of the leadership team who assisted in this monumental initiative. “

About Baldwin REALTORS®

Baldwin REALTORS® is the source for real estate in Southern Alabama. We provide resources, education and tools to over 2,000 professionals across the region. We work to protect the interests of property owners, and our members serve buyers and sellers as REAL Advocates, Advisors, and Experts. REALTORS® agree to abide by a strict code of ethics and are held to a high ethical standard by their peers through their association membership. The term REALTOR® is a federally registered trademark owned by the National Association of REALTORS® and denotes membership in the non-profit Association.