What Are The Best Recruiting Strategies To Find Talent?

After you have defined the specific characteristics of the person you are looking for, developed the job description and schedule, you will be in the best position to actively start recruiting.

The following strategies are applicable when recruiting an assistant, buyer agent, and listing partner.  Strategies for recruiting a telemarketer are different and are limited to Strategy #3.

Strategy #1 – Database:  Send an email to your database and to everyone you know saying that you have a great opportunity for someone who is looking for an executive assistant job in the real estate industry (or, a buyer agent job, or listing partner job).

Strategy #2 – Business Professionals:  Call four or five business professionals that you know and say for example, “I’m looking for a great executive assistant.  Do you know of anyone or have you downsized anyone?”

Strategy #3 – Job Postings:  Most job seekers today rely upon the internet with their job search.  Use job postings on internet sites but do not give out your phone number nor identify yourself.

Strategy #4 – Vendors and Affiliates:  As appropriate to the position you are recruiting for, contact all of your vendors and affiliates such as Title, Mortgage, Home Warranty, and Home Inspection.

Strategy #5 – Keep Your Antenna Up:  As you meet people you have enjoyed working with or who have impressed you, develop a habit of noting these individuals on a “short list,” whether you need them now or not.  Maintain a list (or simple spreadsheet) in your office so that when you have a vacancy or a position available, you can refer to this list and reach out to those individuals.  For example, as you work with agents and assistants who are on the other side of the deal, make note of those individuals you would consider recruiting for your team.  As you attend real estate functions and networking events, keep in mind the people you meet that might be potential prospects.  Always be on the look-out for talent, you may meet someone outside the industry who has great customer service.

Strategy #6 – Online Job Boards:  Depending upon the level of skills you are looking for, it may be appropriate to use online job boards from colleges and universities within your area.

Strategy #7 – Recruitment Agent:  While an Employment Agency has certainly been used by agents, it’s our experience that this does not work well in most cases.  Services from these agencies can be expensive.  On average, agencies charge at least a $6,000 fee for each hire that is usually guaranteed for around 90 days, meaning that if the person does not work out in that time period, the agency will find a replacement.  A more effective approach is to pay a fee to a specific individual who helps you find the right person – pay a small fee to have someone else do your “prospecting” for applicants.  This could be an office manager or someone else working within your real estate office, or someone working within a vendor or affiliate office.  This works especially well if you already have a “short list” or can easily create one.

Author Bio: Debbie De Grote

Debbie is not only considered to be one of the most experienced and most in-demand real estate coaches in North America she also has a track record as being an outstanding top selling real estate salesperson.  Debbie was ranked number 1 in listing and sales for Century 21 in Los Angeles and Orange County, number 3 in the nation and number 10 internationally