Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Synergy Debuts Voice-powered Real Estate Searches

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Synergy Debuts the First Voice-Powered Real Estate Searches in Daytona Beach Area

Consumers can ask Alexa and Google Home to help them find their next home.

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For the first time, Daytona Beach area residents can ask their Alexa or Google Home assistant to help them search for their next home simply by saying: “Alexa, open Daytona Real Estate,”or “Hey, Google talk to Daytona Real Estate.” Their favorite home personal assistant will then engage them in a conversation, guiding them through important questions such as where they want to live, their budget and the features they want their home to have.

“Voice search is the next evolution of home search, and we are proud to be the first to provide this service to homebuyers in Daytona Beach and surrounding communities,” said Kendall Caputo, broker/owner of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Synergy with offices in Flagler Beach and New Smyrna Beach. “With a projected 48 million American households having a voice-powered personal assistant by 2019, offering voice search allows us to better serve home buyers, sellers and our agents.”

“Daytona Real Estate gives potential homebuyers a convenient, easy-to-use tool for simplifying the search for their next home,” Caputo said. “Now, you can ask Alexa or Google Home to find your next home while you are cooking dinner or sitting on your couch.”

Daytona Real Estate is free for consumers to use on their Amazon Alexa or Google Home personal assistant devices. Users can make a cursory search based on just a few parameters or search based on several detailed home features.  Amazon or Google Home will describe the first three matches and then send an email with a link to all the homes matching the search criteria.

“Voice-powered real estate search also benefits home sellers as their homes will gain more exposure to the larger market as potential buyers use their Amazon and Google personal assistants to find their next home,” said Caputo. “Another great feature of Daytona Real Estate for homeowners is the ability to ask for the value of their current home by simply providing their address. Users then have the option of asking for a detailed valuation of their home by one of our market expert agents.”

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Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Synergy partnered with Voiceter Pro to bring this cutting-edge technology to Daytona Beach area residents and those seeking to move here.

“Kendall is the technology leader in his market and an industry visionary,” said Miguel Berger, co-founder of Voiceter Pro and a veteran real estate broker. “He understands the future of this business and is providing the right tools at the right time for both consumers and the real estate professionals affiliated with his brokerage,” Berger added that the skills also incorporate marketing and lead capture tools to enhance the business success of its broker clients and their agents.

About Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Synergy
Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Synergy is a leading local, full-service, real estate team in the Daytona Beach area made up of associates who delight in helping people buy and sell homes in our community.  Together they create a vibrant image and a premium brand that reflects the tastes of our generation. Our goal is to offer an inviting space and a premium experience for a select group of customers who value positive energy, collaboration, and unforgettable service.