Think about it. Each day, you likely send business to an insurance agent with whom you partner to close deals efficiently and effectively. And, while you earn commission on the sale, your insurance agent referral partner earns commission on the sale—and every time the policy renews.

When you think about expanding your enterprise into complementary businesses, there is only one that provides residual income year-after-year, building an annuity over time: Insurance.

Right now you’re thinking, “Hey, that sounds like a great idea, but I have no insurance experience.” While that’s a valid thought process, there’s an insurance franchise model that provides you with comprehensive business support—you don’t need insurance experience to realize the unlimited growth potential the opportunity offers. It’s called Brightway Insurance and, half of Brightway’s franchisees have no prior insurance experience.

“I had no prior insurance experience, said Brightway franchisee Mike Milano in Tarrytown, New York. “But, I had sales experience, just like realtors do. I learned about Brightway, joined the system and leveraged it and am proud to be one of the top-performing new Brightway Store Owners in the system.”

Entrepreneurs join franchises to enjoy the support of a system. The support Brightway provides has been recognized by Franchise Business Review as superior to the average franchise for the second year in a row. According to FBR, successful execution of a franchise business is all about the training, support and ongoing development that franchisees receive from their franchisor. Brightway outperforms the index of franchisors measured by 16 percent in this area, according to FBR.

And, the model’s well-documented financial success has led Brightway to be recognized as the #1 Franchise to Buy by Forbes magazine.

Ready to build a business that could serve her community and provide unlimited growth potential, Agency Owner Michele Robicheaux, Youngsville, Louisiana, turned to Brightway Insurance and found true partnership.

“I’ve worked in insurance for many years. While that experience helps, it’s really Brightway’s system of support that has set me up for success,” Robicheaux explained. “Regardless of your background, their onboarding, training and ongoing support make the difference. The model is so aligned—Brightway doesn’t make money unless their franchisees are making money—that everyone is working to ensure my success every day.”

The Model

According to Robicheaux, “the Brightway model is very thorough, and makes business ownership simple. From the onboarding and training process, to opening my doors and now running my business day-to-day, I have a team standing by me helping me to build a business plan, hire my producers, help me tap into a referral network to build my pipeline and ensure that I have the right insurance companies available to me for my market.”

Brightway Founders David and Michael Miller had a goal of building the best business opportunity in the U.S., bar none. They started franchising in 2008 with a commitment to creating Win-Win-Win outcomes for agents, customers and employees.

Brightway Insurance provides the widest variety of business and personal insurance products through locally owned and operated agencies. A key to their offering is “centralized service” that frees all franchisees up to focus on their customers, tailoring insurance packages that meet each family’s unique needs. After-the-sale service is handled by a highly trained and licensed Service Center staff focused on customer satisfaction and retention.

When Robicheaux started her business opportunity discovery process, she knew she wanted the advantages that a franchise offers, while still having flexibility. “With other franchises, when a glitch happens, the solution doesn’t always make sense, and is not always in the franchisee’s best interest. With Brightway, if you hit a bump in the road, or have an idea about how to make a certain process even better, they do what is best for the company and the franchisee, and are willing to create a solution that everyone can benefit from,” she says. “They listen, and are aligned with their franchisees.”

For example, when outfitting her Brightway store, Robicheaux experienced an issue with cost. “Rather than spending weeks trying to negotiate with the vendor for my office furniture, the Brightway Home Office team was able to step in and actually save me money.”  

Robicheaux says that this is a small example of how Brightway demonstrates partnership every day.  “Brightway doesn’t throw you into the middle of a pond and force you to swim. They give you the tools and resources to make sure you can reach unlimited success, and are there every step of the way.”

“Opening my Brightway office is one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made,” says Robicheaux. “Brightway is a true partner. Other companies may say it; but Brightway truly lives it.”

To learn more about expanding your business enterprise by owning a Brightway franchise, visit our website, and speak to a Franchise Consultant today.