Broker/Owners Launch RE/MAX Franchise Association

Broker/Owners Launch RE/MAX Franchise Association

In December 2018, the RE/MAX Franchise Association was formed as a way for owners to collaboratively work with RE/MAX LLC to improve, enhance, and grow the brand now and into the future. Experienced Broker/Owners met to discuss challenges in the marketplace along with the dynamic changes in the industry that have put pressures on broker owners across all traditional broker models.

The goal of the group is to keep RE/MAX “Above the Crowd” as the leader in real estate. The RE/MAX balloon has always been a symbol of both disruption and leadership, and we look forward to continuing that traditional into the future.

The RE/MAX network of broker/owners is comprised of industry leaders who all face common goals and challenges. The new RE/MAX Franchise Association will allow us to facilitate mentorship, encourage collaboration, enhance educational opportunities, and so much more. We know that we are stronger together, both in how we work with each other and with RE/MAX LLC. Accomplishing ambitious goals is a responsibility we all share, and together we can dominate the real estate landscape.

The RE/MAX Franchise Association will meet on a regular basis via conference calls, virtual meetings, and in-person gatherings. In these collaborative meetings we will map out strategies, set deadlines for accomplishment, and focus on work that will move the needle on team structure, growth, and technology enhancements.

Adam Contos, RE/MAX LLC CEO, said he is excited about the association and has given us his full support and plans to meet with the association at the next meeting in early February.

Author Scott MacDonald is president, RMX Franchisee Association. He can be reached at 703-652-5777.