Build Real Estate Backlinks: What Every Real Estate Professional Needs to Know

Why Build Real Estate Backlinks?

In today’s world, one of the battlefronts to build real estate backlinks online lies in overall web presence. Real estate professionals should always be thinking about SEO on their website. It’s pretty simple really, the easier it is to find you online the more leads come through the door, hopefully leading to more sales. One significant way you can do this is to use backlinks.

Backlinks are considered one of the building blocks of SEO and should always be considered in your strategy to build real estate backlinks. In order to build real estate backlinks, you must have high page rank links pointing towards your website from another website; they also are known as inbound links. The number of relevant links to your site is a strong indication of how popular or important your website is from a search engine perspective.

build real estate backlinks

They impact SEO not only from a quantity perspective but a quality perspective. Google wants your site to have websites link to yours that are relevant to your business. For example, in real estate, if a mortgage company links to your brokerage from their site, this would be considered a good backlink that Google will value. It’s clear that having incoming quality backlinks should be an essential part of a new content plan, here are some tips for real estate professionals who want to rank for backlinks.

Best Practices to Build Real Estate Backlinks

To get the most out of your backlinking and link building, follow these best practices:

  • Partner with preferred vendors or companies your brokerage works with naturally. Many will create content that easily links to your brokerage if you write a piece that highlights their efforts and links to them. Agents—never underestimate the power of your customer. You work with a variety of talented people who would probably be more than happy to link to your website, whether that be socially or through content.
  • Create original and informative content that people want to share with others. The links within your content will become immensely more desirable the more shareable your content is.
  • Start with linking to powerful and in influential websites within your content and social channels. If repurposing an article from an outside source on your blog, link to that source’s site within the content. Link only to websites that are relevant to the content within your article and your brokerage.
  • Don’t go link happy. Again the point here is relevance. The end game is to increase backlinking, where articles from credible sources want you to link to them and for them to link to you.
  • Be mindful of spam. If you get a request to include a link within your content, investigate. If you link to spam; your links are no longer credible in the eyes of your readers. In fact, Google, Bing, and other search engines take into account domain names that have high page rank, so linking to other sources to grow your link database isn’t doing you any good. One link from a local news station or national news publication is more valuable than a handful of non-relevant links.

build real estate backlinks

Build Real Estate Backlinks the Right Way

You may have heard of buying links, but Google, Bing and other search engines discourage this type of link building, and you may get zero to no benefit. This is often referred to as “Black Hat SEO“, which is the art of focusing solely on the technical aspects of search engines and not the human audience. These tactics typically violate the the search engine terms of services and ethics.



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On the other side of the coin, there is also a term called “White Hat SEO“, which is essentially the ethical manner to build backlinks.  White hat refers to optimization strategies that are focused on the human element and usability that rewards the user. This method of link building follows the search engine guidelines and is encouraged.