CIR REALTY Moves Away from Traditional Brokerage Marketing Model

CIR REALTY Moves Away from Traditional Brokerage Marketing Model to Reflect Consumer Opinions

CIR REALTY has announced their new vision to become North America’s most sought-after real estate marketing company by exposing and focusing on the individual excellence of REALTORS.

This model, compared to the traditional brokerage mandate that states Realtors can only use company created marketing pieces, including ‘for sale’ signage, stems from consumer research that states people choose to work with a Realtor not because of the brokerage or brand they work for, but because of who that Realtor is as an individual.


Lindsey Smith, co-owner of CIR REALTY says that real estate companies need to start making decisions in the best interest of the Realtor and their clients, and that means understanding the importance of their unique brand in markets saturated with thousands of Realtors who, on the surface, all seem to be offering the same services.

“According to the National Association of REALTORS 2017 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, only 2% of all buyers and 4% of all sellers listed an agent’s association with a particular firm as being one of the most important factors when choosing who to work with. It was the individual qualities of the agent that matter the most,” says Smith.

“As Alberta’s largest and most productive real estate brokerage, we know we have a strong brand that is well respected, and as a company, we don’t believe we need to build our brand by restricting a Realtor’s ability to build theirs,” he says.

This belief has led to the creation of numerous in-house, proprietary technology systems that make it easier than ever to help Realtors customize their marketing materials and let the agent’s individuality shine. Over the past few months, it has also been the reason for a staff expansion of the in-house marketing team, bringing total staff in that area for up to 7 people.

From a client perspective, Smith says that the more completely custom marketing tools a Realtor has access too directly correlates to the value they can bring to their buyers and sellers, which is why focusing on creating in-house, and automated listing advertising, social media campaigns and targeted mail outs that showcase the Realtor’s excellence is so important.


“Every buyer and every seller has unique needs. They also have different personalities and different backgrounds. Realistically, this means individuals will be attracted to things differently, and have personal perspectives on what they like and what they don’t like. If we force Realtors to represent themselves the same way and use one-size-fits-all marketing designs for their listing advertising, how are we honoring the individuality of our Realtors or their clients in a transaction?”, says Smith.

“CIR’s job as a brokerage is to do our absolute best for our [real estate professionals] and their clients. Our job is to build their business and give them the freedom they need to showcase themselves and their clients as individuals. We know by focusing on this that the CIR REALTY brand will only continue to grow and be a top choice for Realtors and their clients,” he says.

CIR REALTY is Alberta’s largest real estate brokerage and was founded in 1983 in Calgary, Alberta. The company is still independently owned and operated and has twelve offices serving Southern and Central Alberta.