Chime Launches Power Dialer & Enhanced IDX Pages

Chime Launches New Features to Keep Real Estate Agents on the Cutting Edge

Chime rolls out new marketing and sales intelligence features, listing management capabilities and much more.

Chime Technologies, recently made waves with its acquisition of Geographic Farm as part of its continued efforts to establish itself as the turnkey real estate software and service suite.

This year, Chime is looking to show off its enhanced IDX pages (now fully customizable through their new Content Management System), robust data services for high intention lead generation, and the launch of their new Power Dialer which was teased at last year’s Inman.

Chime now makes setting up and managing a custom, fast-loading, fully responsive IDX website easier than ever, with attractive templates that are infinitely customizable. The improved Content Management System (CMS) features intuitive drag-and-drop editing tools and enables users to get a personal branding site up and running quickly, with easily changeable images, buttons, and copy. Its Lead Capture suite now offers more features and enables Realtors to respond to client questions quickly to accelerate deal closure.

The Power Dialer now features Smart Call Lists that leverage profile information and pipeline status to create custom call lists or use AI to automatically generate call lists. The Click-to-Call function lets users call leads, leave voicemails, schedule follow-ups, leave lead notes and more in just a few clicks. A Smart Scripts solution coaches Realtors on how to approach leads to maximize the close rate and Automated Responses take care of unanswered calls so that no opportunity falls through the cracks.

“Chime keeps real estate agents on the cutting edge with technology and automation that handle mundane tasks, make smart suggestions and help agents focus on productive leads so they can do what they do best: close deals,” said Gina Kaegi, Vice President of Marketing at Chime Technologies.