Coldwell Banker Real Estate Unleashes the Power of “BLUE” in New Digital Advertising Series

New Digital Ad Celebrates the Strength of the Coldwell Banker Global Network

Blue is big. From the big blue sky to the deep blue sea, the world’s number one favorite color is everywhere you look. And in the world of real estate,  it stands for one of the biggest, most recognizable brands, Coldwell Banker®.

“The Blue campaign represents the power of our brand, people and team. Coldwell Banker is a leading real estate brand, and has been for more than 111 years. But beyond our history of expertise and honesty, powerful presence, and state-of-the-art technology, is our culture. Our Gen Blue network is the force behind our brand’s success and the inspiration for this digital ad campaign. We are showing real estate professionals how the power of Blue can help bring them an unbeatable edge and help take their career to the next level.” Charlie Young, president and CEO, Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC

In a new digital advertising campaign titled “Blue,” Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC reminds the real estate industry why its global network of 91,000 affiliated agents and teams across 47 countries proudly bleed blue. The campaign offers a glimpse into the empowering culture of the Coldwell Banker network and the kind of success it inspires. Not only is the campaign a rallying cry to the brand’s network of top-performing affiliated sales agents and brokers, the campaign celebrates the cachet that comes with being a part of the Coldwell Banker network. The video series features bold imagery that underscores the many ways that blue is the most popular and successful color in the world.



Thirty and 15-second ad spots highlight the powerful reach of the Coldwell Banker global network. The spots also include stats on total 2017 sales and the brand’s philanthropic efforts. Shorter video formats will also be optimized for sound-off and mobile environments to increase visibility on other digital media.

“Blue is bold and that’s exactly how we want the world to see Coldwell Banker. Every day, members of the brand help tell the story of Coldwell Banker through interactions with clients, the industry and each other. This powerful campaign shows off the electricity that characterizes the Coldwell Banker network, representing the pride that our sales professionals feel as a part of our global community.” David Marine, senior vice president of marketing, Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC

Source: Coldwell Banker LLC