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CRMLS relaunches “submit offer” feature

Revamped feature back due to popular demand, MLS says

California Regional MLS announced the relaunch of their integrated “submit offer” feature on Tuesday. CRMLS, the country’s largest MLS, services more than 110,000 real estate professionals in southern California.

The relaunch comes in response to demand for the feature from real estate professionals using CRMLS. “Submit offers” will be available to users on CRMLS Matrix, Paragon and Flexmls.

The first version of “submit offer,” which is powered by Glide technology, came out earlier this year and appeared on MLS listing details page as a link that read “submit offers using Glide.” Shortly after the initial launch real estate brokerage Compass agreed to acquire Glide.

According to CRMLS, while they received a significant amount of feedback from users praising the feature, some brokers objected to the feature’s implementation in the MLS system, ultimately leading CRMLS staff and board of directors to disable the button and link. During this time Glide Offers products were still available to CRMLS users, but the products were no longer integrated into the listing details page.

Since suspending the “submit offers” feature, CRMLS has received numerous requests to re-enable the MLS system integration. Taking into consideration feedback received on the initial launch with this clear demand for the product, CRMLS engineers developed a way for brokers to opt in or out of the feature.

A week prior to the relaunch, CRMLS made a Glide toggle control available to brokers, allowing them to decide whether they want Glide Offers integrated within the MLS system they and their agents have access to. The default of the toggle is to opt in.

If brokers opt in, once the broker or agent clicks the “submit offers” button on the MLS listing details page, they are transferred into “Glide offers.”

If a broker opts out, the button will still be visible, but if they or one of their agents clicks on it, they will receive a message saying that their broker opted out. Agent’s whose brokers opt out of the feature will still have access to Glide products and features

In the future CRMLS hopes to expand the options users have access to through the “submit offers” button.

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