The Real Estate ‘Doctor,’ Daniele Yeonas Is In!

She’s a ‘Doctor’ on Call: Virginia Agent Helps Buyers Navigate the Seller’s Market

Using prompts like, “If you see something you like, we need to go right now,” Daniele Yeonas is helping buyers navigate one of the most difficult seller’s markets she’s ever seen.

When Daniele Yeonas wrote six different contracts during a 10-day span in early-April, she thought that at least a few of those contracts would get to the closing table. “None of them worked out, and mainly due to the multiple offerings on the properties that my buyers were interested in,” says this REALTOR with the Lex Lianos & Associates Team of Weichert, REALTORS® in Vienna, Va.

And because few (if any) of Yeonas’ first-time homebuyer clients are interested in waiving home inspections or other contingencies, many of them are facing steep challenges in the seller’s market that’s overtaken this agent’s hometown.

“It’s great on the selling side,” she says, “but on the buyer side, this is the toughest market I’ve ever experienced.”

Doctor on Call

To help manage her buyers’ expectations and get them into their desired homes, Yeonas says she tells them to stay alert to new listings (which, in many cases, go under contract within hours of being put on the market) and to be willing to make a move quickly, if warranted.

Daniele Yeonas

“’Look, if you see a house that you like, we’ve got to go right now,’ I tell them,” says Yeonas, who also educates buyers on the possibility of having to waive an inspection or a contingency in order to get their deals closed.

“I’m like a doctor on call,” she says. “I have to literally drop everything, show them the house, and write a contract without wasting any time.”

A Family Affair

Licensed since 2009, Yeonas comes from a family of real estate professionals who made names for themselves as agents, developers, and commercial real estate attorneys.  “My grandfather and his two brothers developed and sold a large portion of Vienna and other areas of Northern Virginia,” she says.

“My mother and uncle are both real estate agents and my father is currently a commercial real estate attorney, so I truly grew up in the business. I started right after college and immediately fell in love with everything about it.”

Don’t Let it Get You Down

The Lex Lianos & Associates Team comprises five agents, a transaction coordinator, and a sign runner—all of whom focus on their respective niches within the Northern Virginia real estate market. “We’re also there for one another for support when we need it, so it’s great,” says Yeonas, whose team prioritizes “giving back” as much as possible and has supported the Red Cross (through donations and volunteering) in its efforts to bring hurricane relief to victims of Hurricanes Harvey and Maria.

Yeonas, who plans to start a family in the near future, sees more of the same in her future over the next year or two, business-wise. To other agents who are grappling with tight housing inventory right now, she says:  Be persistent, be resilient, and be patient. “Don’t get down,” she says. “This is just the nature of the business and while it’s disappointing, I never let it get me down.”


By: Bridget McCrea