ERA Collaborates with HomeAdvisor to Offer Value-Added Services

ERA Collaborates with HomeAdvisor to Offer Value-Added Services

Franchisor ERA Real Estate has formed a relationship with HomeAdvisor, a digital marketplace that connects homeowners with service contractors. The collaboration allows ERA clients to access HomeAdvisor’s network of rated and reviewed service professionals in their area through a self-service website or a dedicated call center.

In its announcement, ERA says the partnership is “creating a concierge experience that includes an innovative self-service website for all affiliated brokers connected to ERA’s Zap® platform.”

ERA is the first real estate partner to comprehensively integrate a HomeAdvisor concierge experience to all participating brokers.

According to the announcement, HomeAdvisor has hundreds of thousands of professionals across the United States in its network. Clients can connect with such services as painting, landscaping, or general contracting,  through the concierge sites with no additional cost to them. Brokers and their independent agents could receive a referral fee every time a client makes an appointment through the concierge site.

“Our objective is to help the agent maintain their relationship with the client beyond the transaction, and put the agent at the center of the home ownership lifecycle,” said Simon Chen, CEO of ERA Real Estate. “Agents have always made local recommendations to clients on services and products, but now we can funnel all of that client activity through a website that allows the broker and agent to stay valuable and visible years after the transaction. These connections could translate into more referrals, more ancillary income, and most importantly more repeat business.”

The collaboration with HomeAdvisor is just one component of ERA® Beyond, a community of national and local companies committed to providing the ERA® network of affiliated brokers and agents with products and services focused on productivity, profitability, and delivering value for consumers. ERA is leveraging the size and scale of its brand to deliver value and one-stop convenience so agents and brokers can better provide comprehensive service.