Entry-Level Homes with Farmhouse-Inspired Design Trends Sell for Nearly 30 Percent More

Chip and Joanna Gaines’ farmhouse-inspired design trends command highest sale premiums among entry-level homes, according to an analysis from RealEstate.com

Homebuyers – especially first-time buyers shopping for entry-level homes – can expect to pay a significant premium for houses with listings that tout popular farmhouse or craftsman-inspired features, according to a new report from RealEstate.com, a Zillow Group® brand tailored to helping first-time buyers find and budget for their first homei.

RealEstate.com® analyzed listing descriptions from millions of entry-level homes – defined as those priced within the bottom third of the market – to see how certain home features, amenities and design styles affected sale price.


Farmhouse-Inspired Design Trends – Farmhouse Sink


Starter homes mentioning “coffered ceilings,” “claw foot tubs” or “farmhouse sinks” in their listing descriptions saw some of the highest sale premiums of the keywords analyzed – selling for as much as 29 percent above expected values. Furthermore, homes described as “craftsman” performed better than any other design style analyzed. Even though Chip and Joanna Gaines’ ‘Fixer Upper’ TV show may be over, their farmhouse chic style has certainly had an impact on home trends, especially among entry-level homes or first-time buyers.

Energy efficient features also command high premiums among entry-level homes. Homes mentioning “solar panels” sell for as much as 40 percent more than expected, but mentions for higher-tier homes only saw a 13 percent boost.

Millennials are playing an increasingly larger role in the housing market. They make up 42 percent of all homebuyers today and 71 percent of first-time buyers, and their preferences – from location to home features – may have an increasingly notable impact on the marketii.

“In today’s competitive housing market, understanding what homes may command a premium or attract multiple offers can be hugely beneficial to buyers,” says Jeremy Wacksman, Zillow Group chief marketing officer. “However, it’s important to keep in mind which features or amenities matter most to you in a home. While a farmhouse sink or butcher block counters may appeal to many millennials and first-time buyers, not everyone may want to pay the premium those features may command.”

Buying a home can feel like a moving target. With 24 percent of homes selling over list price, determining a realistic budget – and sticking to it – can be challengingiii. To help first-time buyers, RealEstate.com allows home shoppers to search for homes based on the home’s “All-In Monthly Price,” which includes estimates for costs such as mortgage, property tax and utilities, giving them a more accurate picture of the cost of homeownership.

Home Feature Sales Premium Among
Entry-Level Homes
Sales Premium Among
Top-Tier Homes
Solar panels 40% 13%
Craftsman 34% 20%
Coffered Ceiling 29% 20%
Clawfoot Tub 29% 10%
Mid-century 28% 12%
In-law 28% 6%
landscape/path/outdoor/deck lighting 26% 15%
Exposed beam or ceiling 26% 15%
Farmhouse sink 26% 16%
Wainscot 26% 13%
Fire pit 25% 12%
Central Vacuum 25% 10%
Pergola 25% 4%
Mudroom 24% 13%
Tankless Water Heater 24% 7%
Playroom 23% 5%
Heated floor; radiant heat 23% 25%
Exposed brick 23% 5%
Quartz 23% 11%
Home Theater 23% 21%
Barn Door 23% 6%
Shaker Cabinet 23% 7%
Gas Furnace 23% -5%
Outdoor Kitchen 23% 28%
Hardwood 22% 2%
Jacuzzi Tub 21% 2%
Outdoor Fireplace or Pit 21% 24%
Picket Fence 21% N/A
Butcher Block 20% 6%