Fathom’s Josh Harley plans to dominate the national portal scene

Fathom has 400 brokers paying them for their technology and data. Now, they want to build an industry-friendly real estate portal.

Today’s RealTrending features an interview with Josh Harley, founder, chairman and CEO of Fathom Holdings. Harley opens up about the company’s plans to build an industry-friendly Zillow, “without saying their name,” going public, and how there’s room at the table for all real estate models.

Here is a small preview of today’s interview with Fathom Holdings’ Josh Harley. The transcript below has been lightly edited for length and clarity:

Tracey Velt: You mentioned that you are building a national real estate portal. Are you competing with Zillow?

Josh Harley: We want to service the whole industry. Fathom’s technology allows us to do more with less by automating many of the processes. It allows us to operate completely virtually, requires fewer personnel on staff. There are a lot of companies who need what we have to offer. In fact, we already have over 400 brokers paying us for our technology or data. We believe that we can help other brokerages reduce their costs and build more profitable business as well. 

As you indicated a longterm, we do plan to roll out a national search portal to generate leads for our agents in the markets that Fathom services, but also to generate leads for other agents in the markets that we’re not in yet. So we’re using our data from LiveBy to compete against those companies that, let’s be honest, have a long-term goal to put us out of business. If you’re going to buy leads, buy them from a company who wants to help you stay relevant and not see your demise. 

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