Four Hot Real Estate Marketing Trends

Below are the top four real estate marketing trends that sprouted up in the later part of 2020 and got adopted and appreciated by many. Thus, eventually, these become the latest real estate marketing trends of the year. Let’s evaluate these in detail.

1.    Agents Innovate on Social Media Marketing

Even before the pandemic, social media formed a significant aspect of our lives. Most people spent their days glued to monitor screens or phones, browsing the latest trends. A real estate professional with zero virtual social life was a rarity.

During the pandemic, the choice to exist on social media became a necessity. Real estate professionals could no longer skip it. So, they started doing Facebook Live Open Houses, Instagram Stories Virtual Tours, organizing Q&As, creating engaging and education videos on YouTube, etc. Naturally, it generated a positive and promising response. Thus, the marketing trend made its way into 2021 as one of the primary sources of real estate marketing.

2.    Creation of Single-Property Websites

Real estate websites to list your properties are an old-school thing. Aren’t they? Yes. However, in 2021, instead of third-party websites, real estate professionals are now opting for single-property websites. This is just one of the new marketing trends. They distinguish a specific listing from the sea of listings. Thus, encouraging the buyers to focus on that particular property. Plus, by modifying content on the website, the property is further marketed for better sales. Better content helps real estate agents maximize the access of clients to properties.

3.    Sharing Health & Wealth

Needless to say, the coronavirus outbreak left many community residents jobless and in need of help. For real estate professionals, this served as an excellent opportunity to provide evidence of their sense of responsibility as a citizen and help out those in need. When the losses generated by the pandemic heightened, many real estate professionals took the opportunity to pay back their community. Simultaneously, these good deeds also contribute to the credibility of aspiring real estate brands.

4.    Drone Home Tours

Today, a newer trend of surveying property sites seems to have surfaced. It involves the use of drones to evaluate buildings and homes. Sitting at home, one can view every corner of the property they wish to buy. Buyers can “walk” through a home entering through the front door and then looking at each room, from ceiling fans to garages, in great detail.

These are just a few real estate marketing trends we are seeing.

Xavier James is a telecom engineer and a certified marketing trainer with a passion for writing, designing, and anything tech-related.