New Report: Future of Brokerage

Sunny Lake and Rob Hahn, partners in life and business, have released a new report called “Future of Brokerage” that lays out their views of the brokerage industry.

In a new report, “Future of Brokerage,” the authors lay out certain underlying views of the brokerage industry, how it’s operated, where it’s heading, their thoughts on the consequences for brokerage firms given some changes that have taken place and, lastly, some thoughts on how brokerage firms could take advantage of these emerging trends.

If this were almost anyone else, I wouldn’t recommend that you read this with more than a passing thought. But, having come to know Rob and Sunny over the past six to eight months, I’ve come to respect their views on some things because I believe they have done a fair amount of homework on whatever topic they are addressing and they actually care that what they do will help make the industry better than it was and not just the celebrity value of what the article says.

Sunny, Rob and I have discussed the whole issue of how a new relationship between brokerage firms and teams or high-producing agents may be a way for both parties to prosper.

I think there are some merits to investigating how this might work, and I have encouraged Sunny and Rob to do so. We may also assist in their efforts. It’s possible that brokerage firms and teams can build different kinds of business relationships along the lines of a “professional services” organization.

Whether you agree or not, Sunny and Rob’s report is worth reading.

Download the report, “The Future of Brokerage.”