Generating Leads with Your Business Blog

Before content marketing or even the Internet, the primary way that businesses acquired leads was through placing ads on traditional media sources, like television and radio. Now, businesses have redirected their focus to acquiring leads through other avenues like blogging—which has proven to generate great results.

For example, stats show that B2B marketers who use blogs acquire 67 percent more leads than marketers who don’t. Additionally, a strategic blogging strategy can help businesses establish themselves as an authority on specific topics, boost SEO efforts, and give consumers a glimpse of their product, services and company as a whole. That is, if it’s done right.

In this post, we’ll see how businesses can generate leads by using different blogging strategies successfully.

Provide Solutions for Problems Customers Face

Consumers often read blogs to find solutions to specific problems. First-time mothers might follow blogs by more experienced mothers for tips on calming fussy babies or choosing the right baby formula to ensure their little one gets all the nutrients.

Similarly, a business blog should offer actionable information to readers that they can apply to their businesses. It must either teach them something or help them overcome specific hurdles. For example, a business owner who wants to start promoting their business online might be looking for a beginner’s guide to online marketing that addresses problems and offers actionable insights.

Business Blog

While a real estate professional who is hoping to attract more leads might be searching for, “unique ways to increase real estate leads.” If you offer a product that satisfies the business owner’s needs, writing a piece of content that answers this question, as well as offering to send additional information, can be a great way to generate leads.

Offer Exclusive Content

Regularly update your blog with posts keeps your audiences engaged and coming back to your website for more. Blogs featuring exclusive content are especially effective as they increase the chances of obtaining qualified leads. If readers are only able to find the information on your site, then you have a chance to capture leads that aren’t going anywhere else for this information.

In general, visitors are more willing to give you their information if they are getting valuable, exclusive content in return. Examples of exclusive content can be a live stream demonstrating new products that is visible only to visitors who have liked the business’s social media page or accesses to the most up to date information if they sign up for the newsletter. The newsletter approach is often used by real estate professionals to provide their clients with the most updated listing of homes available in their location.

Use CTAs in Your Posts

When people access an app on their smartphone for the first time, they usually see a sign-up button or CTA (Call to Action). This option prompts them to act on it immediately. CTAs work a little differently in blog posts, as readers often have to read till the end to see it.

Studies show that 90 percent of people who read headlines also read the CTAs in the post. So, businesses that get high traffic on their blog but don’t capitalize on it with CTAs are missing out. To take advantage of a high readership, a business can place CTAs either in the middle of a blog post or at the end.

Business Blog

CTAs that are descriptive and creatively written about the type of action they want readers to take get more clicks. For example, “Find your Dream Home!” builds more anticipation than just “click here”. Similarly, “boost your online visibility even more with this free guide” is a more persuasive copy than “download this free guide”.

Answer Comments with Relevant CTAs

In order for CTAs to work, they must be relevant. One of the best places to generate qualified leads is the comments section at the end of a blog. Keep in mind: people who ask questions, leave suggestions or leave some words of praise care enough about a brand to engage with it. So, instead of replying to a comment with a thank you, take advantage of the opportunity by adding a link to an eBook or another resource where they can get more information. The comment section is a great place for a realtor to showcase their expertise, as well as demonstrate how easy they are to work with.

Blogs allow businesses to improve their digital presence and are great resources for generating leads. To make the most of them, businesses should focus on providing solutions, offering exclusive content, and being mindful of how they offer resources.


Sacha Ferrandi is the Founder and Principal at Source Capital Funding Inc. and Texas Hard Money. As an expert in commercial and residential real estate with over 12 years of experience in the industry, Sacha works with properties of all varieties.