Get Out of Your Real Estate Rut

Get Out of Your Real Estate Rut

Try a New Approach

When is the last time you did something new for the first time? This is a simple, yet important, concept to apply to both your personal life and to your real estate business.

Whether you are a veteran real estate agent or brand new to the game, I want to encourage you to open up to new ideas and take a chance with a new business development strategy.  In 1954, Robert Bannister was the first person to run a four-minute mile. After Bannister achieved this record, 18 people also ran a four-minute mile in the next six weeks.

How does this apply to real estate? Pay attention to what others at your company are doing. Check out what agents are doing across the country. There are several Facebook groups where agents from around the country share ideas and ask for advice. My favorites are: Lab Coat Agents and Raise the Bar in Real Estate. Research what business leaders in other industries do to stay at the top of their game. Try to mimic the masters.

Are you a broker or team leader? REAL Trends hosts an annual meeting called The Gathering of Eagles where top executives and speakers share best practices and industry information.  Other meetings to attend would be  your franchise annual conferences, Leading Real Estate Companies of the World events, local, state and national real estate professional association events, Inman Connect and more.

While traditional ways of doing business do work for many people, test new methods of lead generation, marketing, or business development.

Do you create videos? It can be intimidating for some to put themselves out there, but video marketing has become an integral part of social media, getting more eyes and clicks than traditional posts. I create weekly “Life Hack” videos to motivate and encourage my company’s agents. Start small with a listing video, then move to an “About Me” introductory video. Finally, move into educational or inspirational videos featuring tips, community information and more.

Not much of a video person? Have you thought about speaking in an informal and educational way to the community? Consider hosting a first-time homebuyers seminar! Become a resource to those in your neighborhood. Have you ever tried door-knocking? Consider reaching out to the neighbors where you had a listing sell and connect with potential clients.

There are so many avenues to go with your real estate business. I hope you will try a new way of doing business and open up more opportunities.

Author Bio:

Real Estate Rut

Joshua Lybolt is a serial entrepreneur, life hacker, and inspirational speaker focused on personal growth. He has recruited over 500 agents to his brokerage Lifstyl Real Estate and through his three real estate companies has achieved more than $220 million in annual sales.