HomeSpotter Acquires Open House App Spacio

HomeSpotter Acquires Open House App Spacio


Minneapolis-based HomeSpotter, the leading real estate software platform for agents to manage and grow their customer relationships, announced it has acquired Spacio, a leading open house lead generation system. The move extends HomeSpotter’s reach within the real estate industry and bolsters its position as a relationship technology leader.

Spacio’s intuitive mobile-first platform provides agents with a digital toolset to automate lead capture and follow up, replacing outdated paper sign-in forms at open houses and helping convert more open house visitors into customers. Spacio offers comprehensive data analytics on open houses that, for the first time, give visibility to a process that has always been manual and impossible for agents, brokerages, and franchises to track. Spacio integrates with dozens of CRM and marketing platforms, and is used by over 100k agents across the U.S. and Canada.

“With the addition of Spacio we now serve the four largest brokerage firms in the U.S., and have a combined footprint of more than 450k registered agents across North America,” HomeSpotter noted in a press release.

“Marketing activities for open house lead generation have three parts — before, during, and after,” said Spacio co-founder and CEO Melissa Kwan. “We spent the past four years building, iterating, and perfecting the during and after pieces and we do those very well, better than anyone else.

However, we always knew that in order to complete our product offering, we needed to give agents a way to market their listings before their open houses; this wasn’t something we had the expertise to build on our own. With HomeSpotter’s digital advertising product, Boost, we can finally deliver the complete solution to agents that allows them to do all three: advertise their open houses before, capture leads during, and automatically follow up after, all within a single platform.”

“We’ve been thinking about the open house opportunity since 2013, as open house visitors represent some of the most motivated buyers in market that aren’t always captured through other lead gen sources.” said HomeSpotter founder and CEO Aaron Kardell. “We considered building a registration product internally and also looked at solutions in market that address this need.

The combination of the founding team at Spacio, their proven track record of delivering a best-in-class solution, and resoundingly supportive customer feedback — there’s such strong alignment that it makes sense to bring our businesses together. We believe we will go further and faster together, and are excited about how the company will continue to evolve to help agents, brokers, and the consumers they service facilitate better relationships around real estate.”

The addition of Spacio allows HomeSpotter to expand its existing agent, brokerage, and MLS service offerings to deliver an end-to-end solution across all touchpoints in the agent-to-consumer relationship cycle. With a combined footprint of over 450k agents, 250 brokerage firms, 300 MLS connections, and now servicing the four largest brokerage firms in the U.S., HomeSpotter is cementing its industry-leading position as the real estate relationship engine. All of Spacio’s employees and technology are joining the HomeSpotter family, with the combined teams now operating out of offices in both Minneapolis and Vancouver.