The Hottest Real Estate Hashtags to Use on Social Media

Use These Real Estate Hashtags in Your Social Media Posts

Social media provides a unique opportunity to position yourself as an influencer within your target market.

Fortunately, there are several different ways to catch the attention of potential customers, with one of the more popular methods being the use of real estate hashtags. Hashtags allow you to add tags to your content, which then become identifiers for people searching those terms within the platform.

real estate hashtag

For example, if you’re an agent in Denver and created an Instagram post. You can use the real estate hashtags like #denveragent within your post, which would then add your post to the tag index within Instagram for that phrase. Further, you can curate your hashtags to target a specific neighborhood within your market, such as #washingtonparkagent. This allows you to target niche-specific areas that will be less competitive and give you an opportunity to position yourself as an area expert.

A good way to start using hashtags is to conduct some basic real estate hashtags research. Seek Metrics has a free tool that generates relevant hashtags based on a certain keyword that can be used for Instagram & Twitter. You can find it here:

Another useful free and paid resource for gaining real estate hashtags insight and coming up with new ideas is RiteTag will not only allow you to research different hashtags, but it will also give you insight into hashtag search volume, suggestions, tag sets, and image recommendations. The hashtag recommendations are powerful as they are based on not only present trends but also what is the best hashtag to use long-term as well as platform-based hashtag suggestions. What works on Instagram might not work as well on Twitter.

Below are a few examples of most popular real estate hashtags to get some ideas rolling for your next social media post. To get even better results, narrow down your search with area specific hashtags.