How Mobile Innovations are Driving Real Estate Forward This Decade

Many real estate transactions still take place on traditional channels, but mobile apps are already changing the way both agents and customers approach real estate. It’s critical to develop a strong mobile strategy and work with experienced Android and iOS app developers  in order to connect with as many customers as possible.

This article will cover a few key advantages of mobile real estate apps relative to more conventional practices. Mobile design trends can change rapidly, so real estate agents need to keep up with the latest developments.

Finding Properties

Looking for properties is one of the first steps in the real estate process, so it’s important to make it easy for customers to find places on your app. Apps are generally much easier to use than mobile sites and offer a variety of additional benefits.

A strong real estate app includes all the information users need to compare properties, schedule meetings, and more. Without a mobile app, you’ll inevitably lose a significant number of users who want to check listings on a tablet or smartphone.


Paperwork drains time and resources from more important tasks, especially for agents and agencies with a large volume of transactions. Managing documents online removes the need for physical paperwork and makes the process more efficient for both sides.


Instead of relying on your own calculations, you can now use dedicated tools to track things like tax deductions, expenses, mileage, and more. These applications are designed specifically for the industry and automate some of the most complex calculations involved in real estate.

Customer Relationship Management

CRM is becoming more relevant in all fields, and real estate is no exception. Both online services and mobile apps connect agents with clients with tools such as web development, email marketing, and lead scoring. These are just a few of the top CRM applications for real estate agents in 2020 and beyond.

Mobile apps were a luxury for real estate agents just ten years ago, but they’ve quickly become vital for agencies of all sizes. These are just a handful of the countless areas of real estate that have been completely transformed by the rise of mobile apps. There’s no way to predict what real estate apps will look like in five or ten years.



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