Dress To Impress : How to Build a Realtor Wardrobe

If there’s one thing that’s true for all realtors, it’s that they’re always on the go. From client meetings to open houses and everything in between, it’s often hard to prepare for the day in the mornings, knowing that anything could happen before you go home at night. However, it’s important to look professional at all times so that potential home buyers and sellers feel confident in your ability.

However, dressing for the part is sometimes easier said than done, as you need to be dressed to impress for some meetings. You might need a suit for a morning meeting but then head to a house under construction where you risk getting a little messy. Use these tips to create a go-anywhere, do-anything professional wardrobe.

Find Your Uniform

Be prepared for changing circumstances or unpredictable weather throughout the day by building a base wardrobe to which you can add layers. Find the style that suits you best and develops a “uniform” of sorts—a capsule wardrobe that you can turn to day after day. This makes it easy to get dressed in the morning and allows for accessorizing and flexibility through the day. Ladies, the base of your uniform might be a simple shift dress or a pair of slacks and the perfect blouse. Gentlemen, you might start with slacks and either a polo or a button down, depending on personal preference. From there, you can add on items like sweaters, blazers and the appropriate shoes for the season. Pro tip: If you’re just starting out, turn to consignment shops and online secondhand stores, like thredUP.com, to find lots of high-quality, business-worthy pieces at a low price.

Keep Spares on Hand

During warm summer months when it’s too hot to wear a suit jacket all day, keep a spare in your car or office that you can throw on for an important meeting and take off again when you’re traveling around town. The idea applies to your shoes, as well. Sky-high heels or polished dress shoes may not be necessary for every meeting, so leave the house in flats or sneakers and have an extra pair of dress shoes on hand. They’ll come in handy when it’s time to step up your game.

Stay Comfortable

No matter your style, you always want to be comfortable. Your clients will notice if you’re struggling to walk in uncomfortable shoes or tugging on an ill-fitting skirt or jacket, and that may come off as unprofessional. Additionally, always dress appropriately for the weather. During the dramatically hot summer days, don a short-sleeved shirt or a sleeveless blouse—and stick to cool, breathable fabrics. Showing a house with outdoor features in the winter? You’ll need to be bundled up to do your best work. When the cold weather hits, make sure you have a hat, a pair of gloves and a scarf on hand so that you’re not shivering.

When you have a base uniform on hand, you can add or subtract accessories and clothing as needed. Be prepared when you leave the house—because you never know where the day might take you!


Author Bio: Rebecca Piersol

Stylist and fashion blogger Rebecca Piersol is co-founder of The Crystal Press. She also writes for thredUP, an online and offline thrift store that carries a huge assortment of new and secondhand women’s dresses and accessories.