How To Multiply Your Client Base To Grow

Reaching out to the market in pursuit of leads is a costly and exhausting endeavor, especially during challenging times like recession or global lockdown caused by COVID 19 pandemic. However, putting your growth process on standby until the weather clears is the first step to losing your position, so how do you make the most of every chance you get to extend your network?

In this article, we’re going to let you in on a few tips that should allow you to make every new client a wellspring of leads.

Set a referral program

There’s no better marketing than the good old word of mouth (WOM) approach; according to surveys, 90 percent of customers would rather turn to brand suggested by their friends or family members. However, effective as it is, WOM is crippled by the fact that we have to rely on our client’s will to pass on the good word and come into contact with peers that need a piece of real estate.

Setting up a referral program that would include a discount or some other form of reward for clients that send over a certain number of leads that result in a positive closure could be a good expansion strategy. This way your clients would have an incentive to promote your business and send strong leads.

Ask for testimonials

Allowing a broad array of audiences to learn other people’s experience with your agency could build a strong bond of trust if done properly. During college, when we’re looking for a service that proofreads college essays reviews are the best way to make our pick. However, written testimonials are nowadays not in such high regard, especially if there is no way to show that they are authentic.

Nevertheless, developing a creative and captivating video testimonial that you could publish on social media or elsewhere online can show off all the benefits of reaching out to you. This way, the audience can see your client, make sure of the authenticity of the piece of real estate you’ve rented or sold, even visit the place and talk to your customer for more details.

Leverage your client data

It’s always a good idea to get as much info as you can from every client that agrees to share more than it’s necessary. If you notice a pattern that shows a connection between your recent clients like their industry, location, or any other common denominator, use this data to send out emails to leads that share the same bond.

Anything can start a group migration of individuals and businesses, from a recently built factory to supermarket or school. Understanding the reasons for renting or purchasing a piece of real estate can be your guideway to new sales. This is also a great way to notice the gentrification process at it’s beginning and build a good position for yourself in the future.

Offer a positive customer service program

According to research, customer service affects revenue, client retention, and the pace of business growth. It’s of paramount importance to keep a great relationship with each client even after the deal is closed. Keep in touch with your clients when necessary to inform them in case there are any updates you think they should know about, offer help with any issues they might experience related to your cooperation, just make sure your approach is not too aggressive and imposing. Occasional email follow-ups are the best way to keep good communication with your clients that might lead to the expansion of your client network.

If a client contacts you with an issue like troubles with the kitchen or utilities, do your best to resolve it to the client’s benefit even if it turns out to be at your expense, as long as it’s reasonable of course. Consider it a small investment in retaining a client and making a strong case for the quality of your service.


These few tips should be enough to understand the course of your client base growth strategy. It’s important to remember that every client is our ambassador and we should make their experience with our service as positive as possible. Learn from your customers, understand their needs and aspirations so you could build your brand through a network of satisfied clients.

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