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How to Produce Great Real Estate Website Content

If you’ve bought into the fact that you need a lot of great relevant content on your site, then your next dilemma is how to get it. Decisions on your web content require an honest look at your abilities, available time, and your budget.What you need to make your site valuable to those who will at some point buy or sell real estate in your area:a large body of content relevant to your area real estate market;

  • a site structure and internal links to get them to the information efficiently;
  • content that’s free of grammar and spelling errors; and
  • articles that are interesting, and sometimes humorous or entertaining as well as informative.

Not a problem you say? Unfortunately, excellent real estate professionals that they are, many do not have the skills or the time to create the content they need in the way that it should be written. Signs that might indicate you shouldn’t do your own writing include:you have trouble with spelling, and spell-check can’t catch all your errors;

  • you frequently commit errors in grammar and sentence composition;
  • you incorrectly use “their”, “there”, and “they’re”, or similar errors that spell check can’t catch; and
  • you don’t have the time or inclination to write large amounts of text for your site.

What other choices are there if you don’t want to do it yourself? Here’s what others are doing, and whether you can count on it to be effective:

Copy free site articles: We’re talking about sites that offer you free articles to copy and paste into your site. Value: Good for your visitors, but useless for SEO because they are duplicated all around the web.

Use a template website product: These are template sites that offer a fast setup, easy design and modification, and built-in content. Value: There’s nothing wrong with them for the design and modification aspects. I use one myself. But the content will be duplicated all over the web and won’t help you. It may even hurt you with SEO.

Hiring someone to write content for them: Ideas and outlines are given to someone good at writing, and articles are written for you. Value: As these will be articles totally unique to your site, you realize the greatest value from them if they’re well written and optimized for the search engines.

If you have the time, and can have your work proved by someone good at it, then your least expensive route is to write your own content. If that’s not in the cards for you, then hopefully you can budget to have someone else write it for you. There are resources on the web for real estate specific content:

Freelance writer sites: You join the site as a buyer at no charge. You then describe your writing project or needs and ask for bids. The writers’ profiles are there for you to review for experience and expertise, as well as examples of their work. These sites handle payment and even mediation if there is a problem.

Sites where pre-written articles are placed: On these sites, writers have placed articles for you to purchase outright for either use or full rights. Read carefully the difference, as “use” rights means others will also have the content on their sites. It’s cheap, but duplicate content problems will usually result. If you purchase “full use” rights, you can claim the work as yours, be sure that it hasn’t been purchased by others, and modify it for your area.

If you decide to purchase content for your site, well-written unique articles, with the research to get them written, can usually be found for around $15 – $40 per site page of 300 to 700 words. It isn’t quantity that counts, but quality and proper SEO strategy. Links to sites for hiring writers or buying pre-written content are at the end of this article.

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