How to Write Social Media Posts That Sell

People rely on the Internet and social media when it comes to doing almost everything, from everyday activities to learning and shopping. Real estate is also trying to tap into this opportunity and reach more potential customers using online platforms.

Property buyers have experienced the convenience of going through online listings, virtual home tours, and making decisions with the least amount of physical interaction.

As a real estate agent, you should consider the same move from the physical world to the virtual world, where most customers are ready to make decisions based on digital information. If you want to build a social media presence strategy, you want to make sure you have an active multi-channel presence to ensure reaching a broader audience.

How to Write Real Estate Posts for Social Media

The way you write real estate social media content plays a crucial role for your brand, the mission of which is to stay top of the mind with potential buyers and engage them with your posts. It doesn’t matter where you’re posting: Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Real estate posts need to have certain features to grow brand awareness:

  • Show you’re an expert. You can post as many eye-catching pictures of luxurious homes as you want. But if your potential customers can’t trust your expertise, your social media attempts will fail. Show them that you know your stuff by posting market info, useful stats, or anything that showcases your expertise.
  • Variety is key. Don’t bore your followers with repeated posts, monotonous captions, an overuse of industry jargon, or dull and dry statistics. Post a well-balanced mix of different content like videos, photos, and even gifs to make sure your real estate posts are captivating enough for users with different tastes.
  • Answer comments. That’s a super important thing in today’s online world. Make sure you give the same amount of attention to your potential customers as you would in the physical world. This way, you’ll make them feel like they matter to you.

What to Write About in Real Estate Social Media Content

Paying attention to the nuances of real estate social media content works wonders in boosting user engagement, lead generation, and, hopefully, sales. Make sure to write about a variety of topics to keep your audience engaged and excited. Here’s what you can include in your real estate posts on social media:

  • Useful tips about buying homes. Whether you’re writing Facebook posts for realtors or on any social media platform, this is what most potential buyers want to know. Help them make informed decisions by giving them the info you think they could use.
  • Real estate terminology. Some property buyers are not familiar with the specific words, phrases, or concepts used in real estate. Include short posts of these concepts in a way that’s fun and captivating.
  • Personal posts. Not everything in your real estate posts needs to be about property buying. Give your followers a glimpse of your own life so that they get to know you on a more personal level. It helps create a kind of intimacy you could benefit from in your future encounters.

What to Include in Real Estate Social Media Content

In addition to the perfect, quality content that you create for your real estate posts, there are some other elements you can add to raise visibility and engagement:

  • Call to action. When you’ve created the content that attracts users, it’s time to engage and encourage them to do more. Include links to your website or ask them to leave a comment or any actions that you think are right.
  • Tag clients. If you’ve closed a deal recently and posted about it, be sure to tag the clients involved in that deal. It will give your work extra credibility and build customer loyalty.
  • Using the right hashtags both increases engagement and boosts discovery chances on social media.

Writing Perfect Instagram Posts for Real Estate

Instagram is one of those platforms that lends itself to real estate posting. It’s a highly visual platform, and you can use the opportunity to showcase what you can offer in the most attractive way through pictures.

But don’t forget about the captions since they have a huge potential to attract and engage future customers. You don’t need to be an essay writer to get Instagram captioning right. But knowing the tidbits of the platform helps you create the best Instagram posts that sell.

Plus, you can use as many hashtags as you want on Instagram as there’s no limit.

Real Estate Agent Facebook Page Ideas

Facebook is the ideal place for realtors with its ads features that directly target users in your area. Facebook posts for realtors include content related to listings, booking appointments, and connection with customers.

Facebook allows you to boost your specific real estate posts to target your selected demographic. That’s why it is a staple for real estate marketing.

Twitter Posts for Real Estate

With the character limit on twitter, you should make use of photos, links to your website, and quick tips on property buying. Use hashtags wisely to target the users who want to buy property in your area.

Writing real estate posts on social media can be a no-brainer if you know what each platform requires, how to engage your audience, and how to present yourself in a friendly yet professional way. So make sure to use the above-mentioned points to increase your visibility in social media and thereby get more clients. Eventually, all your attempts in this department will pay off in the form of respect from clients and decent financial compensation.

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