Hyper Local Real Estate Marketing: Time to Get on Board

Hyper local real estate marketing is finally catching on with the big portal websites. Whether or not your brokerage is ready is no longer the question. The question now becomes, what can you do differently to provide a hyper local real estate marketing experience that is different from everyone else? Big portals such as Trulia and Zillow are enhancing the home search experience to better inform home shoppers about local information that matters. Trulia recently introduced Trulia Neighborhoods to give users a strong sense of what its like to live in certain communities.

Trulia Neighborhoods is a first-of-its-kind experience that provides content from local sources. Insights and data are sourced directly from locals to ensure accuracy and legitimacy within each neighborhood. Trulia has tapped into their online community to rate neighborhood features by answering specific questions about that neighborhood, which then creates the data that is displayed on the neighborhood pages. Once the data has been collected and compiled by Trulia, they report whether or not that neighborhood has those individual features.

Trulia is taking a strategic approach to hyper local real estate marketing by providing a resource for consumers that has never been available at this granular level. Consumers are constantly seeking new and engaging information that will give them laser-targeted insight into certain attributes of a neighborhood. Trulia realizes this.

Hyper Local Real Estate Marketing – Where Do I Start?

What can you do to differentiate your brokerage from the competition, but also provide hyper local real estate marketing? The answer to this is simple and straightforward. You must leverage your individual expertise and produce content/neighborhood pages that are extremely specific to a particular area of a neighborhood. Providing data and content that is invaluable to the user and cannot be found elsewhere.

A great starting point for obtaining hyper local data and content is with your real estate professionals. Have them gather specific information about the neighborhoods and communities they are servicing. For example, real estate professionals who are particular to a certain community can review a local restaurant and post that review on the blog or use that content on a neighborhood page.

Another example would be hiring a photographer to take pictures or videos of local hot spots in or around a particular neighborhood. Repurpose those images and videos on your website, blog, and social media. Write content about the different spots featured in the images. This becomes one-of-a-kind content that is unlikely to be found elsewhere and creates long-lasting value for your consumers.

There is also the paid approach of obtaining hyper local real estate marketing data in a streamlined manner. There are a few companies doing this well. Here they are: 


This technology gives brokerage owners the ability to embed code on their existing website and display hyper local content in a meaningful manner. LiveBy has unique features that allow potential clients to dive deep into a neighborhood and data behind that particular neighborhood. The platform comes equipped with dynamic data feeds that populate and auto update on your website.

The most exciting part of LiveBy is the type of information that is displayed and how often the system updates. LiveBy integrates and feeds some of the best hyper local data from their system that includes interactive maps, market trends, properties, demographics, school data and much more. The platform is customizable based on what data you would like to be displayed and it is very easy to add to your website.


This is a powerful system that gives your business all the hyper local tools it needs. zavvie comes fully equipped as a neighborhood website that is updated daily with market and hyper local information. It also comes with a native mobile app which allows you to publish hyper local content straight from your mobile device. Lastly, the daily content feed will curate content automatically when it is posted. This will keep your website looking fresh and new on a consistent basis.