Lone Wolf builds tech empire with Propertybase

The company added its fifth tech company in the acquisition of Propertybase to build an end-to-end platform for brokerage firms.

With four other real estate tech acquisitions in the last year, Lone Wolf Technologies recently added Boston Logic-owned Propertybase to its tech toolbox. The acquisition rounds out Lone Wolf’s technology platform that includes websites, lead generation tools, and CRM. With Propertybase, they gain a platform that integrates sales support and marketing operations to complement their suite of products.

Lone Wolf’s other acquisitions include: W+R Studios, LionDesk, HomeSpotter and Terradatum so that Lone Wolf’s technology suite includes solutions for marketing, CRM, CMA, transaction management, eSignature, brokerage operations, insights and analytics, talent management, as well as ancillary tools and services.

According to the press release. “Our customers want these essential solutions to work together, so they can run their entire business in one place,” said Jimmy Kelly, CEO and President of Lone Wolf. “This acquisition brings these leading products together and puts our combined team in position to deliver the ultimate unified technology platform for the real estate world.”

For brokerage-owners, the race to finding an end-to-end technology platform has been filled with frustration. Brokerages are piece-mealing together their tech platform finding that tools are not compatible or don’t meet their needs. Lone Wolf is clear in its intentions to provide that solution.

One brokerage firm intent on building its own real estate technology platform is Compass. In a second-quarter earnings call, CEO Robert Reffkin announced that they are creating an end-to-end technology platform for real estate agents. Reffkin believes that “no traditional brokerage firms are making the necessary technology investments to empower their agents to service the entirety of their client needs, and facilitate the entirety of the transaction end-to-end in one platform the way Compass has invested in over the past seven years.”

That’s not entirely true as Redfin and United Real Estate both have advanced technology platforms. United Real Estate CEO Dan Duffy says the company’s Bullseye Agent and Brokerage Productivity Platform, built entirely in-house, is a true cloud-based system. Says Duffy, “Our technology allows each agent to compete with Zillow on a on a micro-local level. We have 90 MLSs in our warehouses, AI and machine learning capabilities.”

The real estate technology sector has seen incredible consolidation in recent years as companies realize the power of one system that meets the needs of all back-end and marketing functions. Propertybase was acquired by Boston Logic in 2017. Since then, Propertybase acquired BoldLeads in 2019 before now being acquired by Lone Wolf.