Lone Wolf Forms Partnership with Real Estate Webmasters

Lone Wolf Forms Partnership with Real Estate Webmasters

Lone Wolf Technologies, provider of residential real estate software, and Real Estate Webmasters, a technology provider for the top 1% of real estate professionals in the world, announced a partnership that will integrate the REW platform and Lone Wolf’s transaction management solutions, TransactionDesk and zipForm Plus. The resulting product will create a lead-to-close experience for thousands of real estate professionals in North America.

This partnership paves the way for 1,000 brokers and agents using Lone Wolf’s website solutions to upgrade to REW’s more advanced web solution. At the same time, the partnership also expands Lone Wolf’s technology ecosystem—which currently comprises in-house products for eSignature, online forms, digital document storage, MLS integration, transaction management, and back office and accounting—to include a leading website, CRM, and demand generation offering.

The goal of this ecosystem is to provide real estate professionals with the most efficient, innovative, and integrated technology solutions to better service their leads, contacts, and home buyers and sellers. The partnership with REW is a major step toward this goal.

“We chose to partner with Real Estate Webmasters for a number of reasons—the quality of their product, the growth of their success, and the reputation of their company primary among them,” said Jack Blaha, CEO of Lone Wolf Technologies.

“But we also chose this partnership because it furthers our mission to simplify the entire real estate transaction process. We want to build an unrivaled technology
ecosystem for real estate professionals, one that integrates the solutions they use every day and simplifies their workflow from lead to contract to revenue. This partnership is the first of many that will support us in this mission.”

Real Estate Webmasters shares Lone Wolf’s vision to create an integrated ecosystem of real estate technology solutions. The company offers cutting-edge website, iOS and Android apps, lead generation, search engine optimization, and CRM services to improve the methods that real estate professionals use to generate and process leads.

As part of the partnership, Lone Wolf will discontinue its current website offering and users of these products will be offered an exclusive opportunity to transition to the more advanced Real Estate Webmasters solution. This will greatly increase the capability of their web platform.

“We are extremely excited to be able to bring the best-in-class of real estate websites and CRM from Real Estate Webmasters and combine it with the amazing transaction capabilities Lone Wolf’s products,” said Morgan Carey, CEO of Real Estate Webmasters. “When you combine where a real estate lead comes from with how much an agent or broker makes from the close of that sale, it is truly chocolate
and peanut butter.”

“This is the next step in real estate technology,” said Joe Kazzoun, GM of Transaction Management at Lone Wolf. “Real estate has so many different components and this has caused its technology to develop in siloes—until now. We’re bringing all of the industry’s disconnected tools together to make real estate simpler for everyone involved—from the second a lead looks at a listing till the day the agents’
commissions are paid out. We’re more than happy to partner with technology leaders to make that happen.”