Long & Foster (USA) Wins China-Focused Property Marketing Awards Involving Popular Chinese Consumer Vote

Long & Foster Wins China-Focused Property Marketing Awards

Awards involved popular Chinese consumer vote.

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U.S. real estate network Long & Foster was one of 20 of the world’s very best China-focused real estate marketers that were named winners of the Global Chinese Choice Award by Juwai.com at a gala black-tie dinner event in Shanghai on Wednesday, 5 December.

The awards presentation followed four months of nominations. Notably, winners were chosen in part by popular Chinese consumer online voting.

The full nomination, online voting, and vetting and judging process took four months and concluded with final selection by a panel of 9 judges. The panel’s members included senior executives from one of China’s largest wealth and asset management service providers, Noah Holdings; the Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund; and other respected companies.

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The Juwai Global Chinese Choice Awards is the only awards program in the world to target China-centric residential real estate developers, agencies, lenders, and other organizations.

Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc. won the ‘Best U.S. Real Estate Company’ award.

Eric Chen, the East Coast-based Director of Asia Pacific Initiatives at Long & Foster, said, “Winning an award from Juwai means so much because Juwai is an unmatchable guide and partner in China.

“We are tremendously excited that our hard work and investments in working with Chinese buyers is paying off and we are having such success.”

Juwai.com CEO Carrie Law said, “If you can make it in China, you can make it anywhere,” said. “Chinese buyers are the most motivated, biggest spending, and savviest cross-border buyers in the world.

“No other market is as fast-paced, competitive, and remunerative as China. For Long & Foster to win this award, including the online vote by Chinese consumers, shows that their hard work at cultivating a brand and relationships in China is paying off.“

More property marketers targeting Chinese consumers use VR in property marketing. More use live video. More use the online-to-offline model. China is the proving ground for techniques later used in the USA.

Georg Chmiel, Juwai.com Chairman and former CFO of the world’s largest real estate portal by market capitalization, the REA Group, was one of the nine judges.

“Like the other winners, Long & Foster stands out as the very best in the world,” he said.

“The 20 winners represent an incredible diversity in terms of location, category, and even business model. They have in common an unmatched understanding of —and commitment to— Chinese consumers. They have managed to overcome challenges in terms of language and of distance by using technology to assist them in cross-border selling. And they stand out in terms of Chinese consumer loyalty — as manifested in consumer online votes, search patterns, and transactions.”