Looking Back: REAL Trends Website Rankings

What Makes a Good Website, Great?

The answer to this question differs by brokerage. For one, it depends on your brokerage’s goals and objectives. Secondly, it comes down to the six categories we have outlined in our annual website rankings.  These categories take into consideration the user and interface experience of a website’s design, community pages, video strategy, mobile responsiveness, property pages and overall usability.

As we approach the launch date of the 2018 REAL Trends Website Rankings on September 12th, we thought we would highlight last year’s winners.  Congratulations to these fine firms on their accomplishment and putting in the extra effort to make their websites truly one of a kind.

2018 web rankings

2017 REAL Trends Website Rankings Winners

The 2017 Real Estate Website Rankings were released last year in mid-August. We spent an immense amount of time analyzing, researching and voting with our in-house web consultants on the best brokerage websites in six key categories. It’s now one year later, and this ranking is a staple at REAL Trends to be replicated and expanded upon every year.

We received thousands of site visitors to the website rankings on an annual basis and receive several different submissions from brokerages and teams around the nation. Nearly 60 brokerages were honored in the six key areas last year.

Website Rankings Winners From Each 2017 Category

Best Overall

website rankings


Best Community

website rankings


Best Design

website rankings


Best Mobile

website rankings


Best Property Detail

website rankings


Best Video

website rankings


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The official announcement of the 2018 Website rankings will be released on September 12, 2018