New Leaders New Perspectives

There are big leadership changes at many of the large franchises. How will this change their companies?

We wrote last year that there were big changes coming to our industry caused by a new generation of leaders taking the reins at Realogy, RE/MAX and Leading RE. While we didn’t mention Keller Williams, it should be noted that CEO John Davis has only been in his role for a few years.

In each case, we can expect significant changes in the direction these organizations take given their new leadership. Whether or not the new leaders came from outside the industry; they are younger, have different backgrounds and many different perspectives compared to those of us who have called this industry home for 25 to 40 years.

REAL Trends has had the privilege to meet with all four of these new leaders in the past few months, and we know that while each will preserve many of the traditions of their organizations, they will remake not only the operational investments but will also be remaking and strengthening the cultures. Much of this is already visible, yet much won’t be seen for months or years.

We do believe that each of the big five (including Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices) will be investing in technology and data like never before while also strengthening the service delivered to the global affiliates.

It will be an interesting next 10 years.