Nextdoor Jumps into Housing Value Analytics

Nextdoor Partners With House Canary

Look out Zillow—Nextdoor is your new competition. Nextdoor  ( and HouseCanary, a real estate and data analytics company, recently joined forces to enable Nextdoor members to leverage HouseCanary’s industry-leading models and predictive analytics to determine property valuations and forecasts.


“In our work with Nextdoor and my personal experience in using it for neighborhood news and events, we find this platform very useful, easy to use and fun to work with,” says Steve Murray, president of REAL Trends. “They’ve already made inroads into the real estate community. With the House Canary deal, they will significantly increase the value of what they bring to housing consumers and real estate professionals.”

Agents who sponsor neighborhoods on Nextdoor can share market statistics, articles, and community events and engage in conversation with residents at verified addresses, ultimately allowing them to connect and build relationships with homeowners in all stages of the sell-side funnel. Real estate professionals’ engagement on Nextdoor is enabling them to become synonymous with a neighborhood, serve as a trusted and valuable resource to residents, and gain a digital word of mouth reputation as a desired listing agent.

Nextdoor Integration With HouseCanary Offers One-of-a-Kind Tools

“Real estate has consistently been one of the most popular topics discussed among neighbors on Nextdoor. Millions of Americans are consistently seeking to better understand how to maximize the value of what is often a family’s most significant financial asset: their home,” said Nextdoor’s Chief Revenue Officer Lauren Nemeth. “Now thanks to this unique integration with HouseCanary, Nextdoor can offer our members a one-of-a-kind tool that allows them to maximize the value of their home, know when to sell, and, moreover, be able to compare their own home with other neighborhood listings.”

Maximize Home Value With Clarity

The integration of HouseCanary’s hyper-local market data will allow homeowners on Nextdoor to maximize the value of their homes by pinpointing their home’s current fair-market value while also seeing how their home is projected to appreciate in the next three years. Moreover, for home buyers, this strategic integration provides unprecedented insight into the current and future value of homes they are considering purchasing. By using HouseCanary analytics while shopping for homes, buyers will have clarity as to what their purchase is worth and what they can do to improve its value in the future.