NextHome Launches Imprev Marketing Automation to Reinforce Agents’ Value to Consumers

NextHome, Inc., the nation’s fastest growing real estate franchise based in California, announced it has launched a leading marketing technology for all its agents: Marketing Automation powered by Imprev. The new service fully automates the creation of marketing content throughout the life of NextHome’s listings, ensuring optimum marketing practices throughout the entire company and freeing up agents to focus on their clients.

nexthomeJames Dwiggins, CEO of NextHome and industry thought leader, has bold goals for the company—and real estate overall. “We need to raise the bar in real estate. With the industry’s lack of minimum standards and service level, more and more sellers are questioning the value of a REALTOR’s role,” he shared.

The NextHome franchise has been rapidly expanding into new states since its inception in 2015, totaling 290 offices and over 2,400 agents year-to-date. The carefully-crafted, distinctive brand is a critical asset to the business, demanding a marketing solution that not only protects the brand’s power but also provides an easy way for agents to leverage that power in marketing.

“At NextHome, we’re passionate about empowering our agents to deliver tremendous value to their clients. That’s why Imprev’s Marketing Automation is such a natural fit for our brand,” James continued.

“With automation, agents have a repeatable way to deliver their marketing promise to clients—without wasting precious hours on repetitive, manual tasks. Imprev understands how important it is to deliver a consistent brand and marketing experience to our clients at every point in the home-selling process, which ultimately makes our brand even more valuable to an agent’s business.”

NextHome agents can now leverage the full suite of Imprev’s services: Marketing Automation and the Design Center. After agents enter a new listing into NextHome’s reporting system, Marketing Automation creates and delivers marketing content for that listing until it’s sold. Content is tailored around four key events—Just Listed, Open House, Price Reduced, and Just Sold—making it easy for agents to use timely, relevant content to drive leads and engage with prospects. The service also constantly monitors each listing for changes; when a change occurs, all the automatically-created marketing materials are updated so they are always in sync with the listing and compliant with real estate advertising rules and regulations.

ImprevMarketing materials for each key listing event can include fliers, postcards, single property websites, social media posts, emails, and more. Each piece is fully customized to NextHome’s design requirements, ensuring the NextHome brand—and the agent’s brand—is immediately apparent. The consistent materials not only make the agent look like a true marketing professional in front of the client but also help protect and reinforce NextHome’s brand across all marketing channels.

In addition to Marketing Automation, NextHome already provides their agents with a branded Design Center powered by Imprev, which is a one-stop marketing shop for agents filled with an extensive library of additional custom content. It completes the full marketing cycle by offering agents simple ways to promote their brand and nurture clients outside of their listings. To give NextHome agents a seamless experience, the Design Center is closely integrated with NextHome’s highly-adopted intranet.

“The agent is a major conduit between consumers and the franchise or brokerage. Agents manage the client relationship from beginning to end, so it absolutely makes sense to support them with proven technology services that contribute to their success, especially when it comes to marketing,” said Bill Yaman, President and Chief Revenue Officer of Imprev. “Empowering agents to fulfill a brand’s promise and deliver an amazing experience results in happy, loyal clients and more future revenue for everyone.”