Non-Awkward Ways to Keep in Touch With Your Customers

Growing your client list takes time and energy. But it’s worth it in spades. So if you’re still just cold-emailing to build a client list, it’s likely you’re wasting your time. But a solid network won’t do you any good if you let relationships go stale. Here are four easy ways to keep up with your existing client list without being obnoxious:

Congratulate your network 
It’s hardwired into our social norms — if you get congratulated on anything, it’s rude to not respond. (The same can’t be said for out-of-the-blue questions or requests). So when someone in your client list does something that merits a “nice!”, jump on that opportunity to reach out.

Share relevant price updates
Sending along trend prices is another great way to proactively engage. For one, timely and industry-relevant price will make your email less random. And secondly, sharing content that you know will be interesting to that person is a helpful gesture rather than a needy one.

non-awkward ways to keep in touch

Engage on social media
You can’t slack on social media. Regular posts are a low-lift way to get your name in front of new and existing connections in an unobtrusive way. Share news about your listings, which may spur others to reach out with a “I’d love to see this place” (which, as we mentioned, is a fantastic conversation-starter).

Share content about your industry, as well as your take on it. If you’re comfortable with it, share fun tidbits about your personal life, likes, and tastes as well. Sometimes people will be more apt to engage around a mutual love of a new album, a restaurant, or a vacation spot rather than shop-talk.

Set aside recurring time for network nurturing
We get it — things (especially non-mission-critical things) fall to the wayside. If you’re finding weeks are flying by without any exchanges with your client list, set aside time on your calendar (15–30 minutes a week) dedicated to connecting, using the strategies above.

To focus these sessions, it’s a good idea to prioritize your contact list. Staying in touch with your contacts and previous clients is crucial if you want to get ahead. If you make it a regular practice, you’ll feel a lot less sheepish asking them for advocacy when you need them.

Take a look at your workday. If you’re guilty of any of the above, working to correct the issue will do wonders for your output (and overall happiness).

Alain Kapatashungu, frontdoorAuthor Bio:  Alain Kapatashungu is co-founder & CEO Frontdoor, a service that uses AI to help real estate professionals understand, engage and prioritize leads based on their likelihood to close—wherever they are!