RealTrending: Peerage’s real estate network accelerates growth

With several acquisitions under his belt, Peerage Realty Partners CEO Gavin Swartzman reveals his growth strategy.

Today’s RealTrending features an interview with Gavin Swartzman, president and CEO of Peerage Realty Partners. Swartzman talks about recent acquisitions, their business model and some out-of-the-box ancillary services. Peerage Realty Partners has been slowly acquiring brokerage firms in many high end and luxury markets to bring into their “real estate network.” Swartzman explains his value prop in this educational podcast.

Here is a small preview of today’s interview with Peerage’s Gavin Swartzman. The transcript below has been lightly edited for length and clarity:

Tracey Velt:  Where’s your focus right now? What does your strategy look like? Has it changed at all since you started acquiring or partnering with real estate companies?

Gavin Swartzman: You always have to be open to adapting the strategy as circumstances changes. There are certain macro factors that I think most players in the space are looking at, including Peerage Realty Partners. Migratory patterns are definitely top of mind for everybody. We’re keeping our ears close to the ground with respect to focusing our strategies on where people are moving. Where are the niche markets, where our kinds of firms can dominate?

Certainly, if you were to look at our experience to date, some of these higher end recreational markets are very much where the premium players are highly valued to provide services that are market leading. But we also have to overlay all of those things with the right chemistry and the right partner, because the combination of all of these areas is important to us. And then as I mentioned before, we’ve got a very wide lens as to how we look at ancillary services that augment the whole service offering, not just the standard stuff that most players realize they need to offer in terms of mortgage title, insurance, and those kinds of things, but some really innovative financing services that bring our unique capabilities to bear.

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