Preparing Real Estate Offices for Active Shooter Events

Preparing Real Estate Offices for Active Shooter Events

Webinar is designed to equip people with up-to-date active shooter preparedness strategies.

Over 250 active shooter events occurred in the United States from 2000 to 2017, resulting in 2,217 casualties, both killed and wounded. Statistics show that active shooter events most commonly occur in businesses (45%), schools (25%), and government facilities (10%).

Knowing the majority of these incidents occurring in the workplace, IREM® (Institute of Real Estate Management) is holding a special, two-hour webinar event on April 17 that will help real estate managers and their staff address risks, prepare for potential violence and increase tenant and resident safety.

The webinar will be hosted by Tony Casper, CEO of Safe Passage Consulting. Casper has been in law enforcement for more than 17 years and is an expert instructor in Counter-Terrorism Tactics and Active Shooter Response for both law enforcement officials and private citizens. He gives guidance to organizations on how to implement safer workplace practices and writing emergency response plans.

“A webinar about how to prepare for an active shooter is not something we want to be doing, but the reality is, it is a topic we need to address. By helping real estate managers to develop and rehearse a comprehensive active shooter plan, they can better protect their tenants, residents and employees in the unfortunate event of an active shooter,” said Don Wilkerson, CPM®, 2019 IREM President, Gaston & Wilkerson Management, AMO®, Reno, Nev.