Productivity Hacks to Grow your Real Estate Business

Productivity Hacks to Grow your Real Estate Business

by Joshua Lybolt

5 productivity hacks to help grow your business.

The average real estate agent wears many different hats. From salesperson to marketer to counselor, agents have a growing list of tasks to do and roles to fill. At times, it can be overwhelming even for industry veterans. With so much on an agent’s plate, I’ve come up with 5 time management hacks to help grow your real estate business.

1. Prioritize

It’s hard to know which customer to call first or which email to return. Learn to prioritize the tasks that are the most important and tackle those first. I use a tool I call the “Daily Three,” where I write down the three most important accomplishments that need to happen each day. This way, I’ve identified what tasks to focus on and have a realistic list to check off throughout the day.

2. Time Block

I use my phone calendar to block time each day. Don’t just schedule appointments and meetings; instead, schedule time to accomplish or complete other to-do’s. Set aside an hour for prospecting and an hour for marketing. Take routine tasks and turn them into habits. This will give you a goal-oriented mindset and force you to make time for the assignments that will grow your business.

3. Focus

With so many roles to fill, some real estate sales professionals love to talk about how they can multitask. But multitasking will not help you accomplish more. Your brain can only focus on one thing at one time. Focus on one assignment at a time. You can progress further, learn deeper, and build confidence.

4. Delegate

When starting a real estate brokerage, I had to take on many tasks myself. But as my business grew, I was able to hire others and delegate some jobs.  Consider handing over easier tasks to family or friends. If you’re not social media savvy, consider having a friend help or bring on part-time admin help if your business is growing quickly. These tasks will still be completed, but your time will be freed up for more important projects.

5. Just Say No.

This can be difficult as real estate agents are in a customer service role. Often, we may want to say yes to every person who contacts us. Remember, time is our most valuable asset. If something is not of utmost importance and will take you away from other, money-making activities, say no and focus on what matters most.

Joshua Lybolt is a serial entrepreneur, life hacker, and inspirational speaker focused on personal growth. He has recruited over 500 agents to his brokerage Lifstyl Real Estate and through his three real estate companies has achieved more than $220 million in annual sales.